Don’t Make Your Daughter-In-Law Feel Like This

  • A living, breathing, incubator.

I get it – she’s carrying your grandchild and you’re probably excited to say hi to the belly every time you see her. However, make an effort to say hello to the “face” as well – she’s still a person!

  • She’s doing everything wrong.

There’s not a single perfect human being on Earth – but nobody wants to feel like they’re failing all the time. If you’re staying at your daughter-in-law’s house (or just visiting), you may feel tempted to clean the place or rearrange clothes in the wardrobe. Try not to do it – you won’t significantly improve the quality of their household, and the message you’re sending is that nothing is good enough for your standards.

  • She’s stolen something from you.

A relationship between a son and a mother is a beautiful thing. There’s nothing really quite like it. But when your son is over 30 years old, has a wife and kids, it may be time to consider that he’s got other roles to fulfill apart from being your baby.  You did your job: he’s all grown up and he’s a wonderful man taking care of his own family now! Try to enjoy it!

  • Her baby is, in reality, your baby.

This time I’m talking about an actual baby. You’ve had your chance and by the looks of it, you’ve done some amazing work with your son. It’s the young couple’s turn to parent, and yes, make mistakes while they’re at it. They need to have their chance to learn and improve. Be supportive, but also give them some space.

  • She doesn’t belong in the family.

Like it or not, your daughter-in-law is here, and she’s sticking around. Since you’re seeing each other quite a bit now, why not make an effort and improve the relationship? If she feels like she has your love (or at least approval), a lot of tension will be lifted. Who knows – you may find that you like each other! A real friend in the family is never a bad thing!

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