Choose A Good Husband. Choose A Good Father, Too.

Don’t be a fool.

Don’t pick a man you think may be worth your time and effort based on assumptions.

Choose a man well suited for the job.

Find yourself the one who will not be allergic to kitchen work, and will cook half of the make-ahead lunches in a week when you’re struggling to find the time.

The one who will make it his personal goal to help teach your baby how to walk, even if it means bending his sore back for hours while touring across the room.

The one who will sing “Down by the bay” to a crying toddler and make him laugh by inventing his own rhymes that may or may not make sense.

Choose a man who will sacrifice his free time to help you get to your goals faster. Who will look after the baby when you have an important exam coming up that you don’t want to fail.

A man who will believe in every single one of your dreams, encourage it, even help you invest in it if you’ve got the passion.

A man who is unafraid to defend you and your attitudes, however unconventional they may be, in front of the ones he cares for. Because he cares for you, too.

Pick the one who will not ask you constantly about the baby’s routine and what he’s supposed to do when you’re not around. A good man for you will know.

Choose a man who will interrupt his only free hour of the day to either unload the dishwasher or fold laundry, because there’s no way you’re getting to bed before 2AM if you do both.

Find yourself one who will celebrate your success. Who will be involved in them.

If you can, pick a man who will know how to cook a few meals very well (even better than yourself) and make sure there are always ingredients in the fridge that he needs for those meals.

A man who will proudly put the baby into a stroller and go for a walk with his male buddies who don’t have any kids. So you can have an hour for yourself.

Find a man who will remain calm and practical even in the darkest of hours, when someone needs urgent medical attention.

A man who would have been present at the birth of your child if the hospital even had the option for it.

Find yourself a man who will eat the food you make, and even if a new recipe fails for the first time, he’ll still eat it. He’ll also comment on it and help you do better next time.

A man who makes time for you, no matter how tired he is.

Who will call you during his lunch break to hear how your day is going. Who will also call you when he finishes work, so you can talk for a bit, before he gets home.

A man who will completely take over a chore you can’t stand doing, to make your life easier.

A man who will love you and your child with all his heart and who will do anything for you.

If I was able to find this man, I’m sure you will, too.

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