Here’s How To Make This Incredible Cheese Chard Pie!

Weekend is a great time for cooking big meals in our family – there’s enough time for me to make something tasty while Filip is looking after the baby. Yesterday, I made this tasty cheese chard pie. We’ve gotten some great news – Viktor no longer seems to be showing signs of being allergic to egg white or milk, so I can use both dairy products and eggs in our cuisine. It’s really important for his nutrition, so I made this to be as baby-friendly as possible!

What you’ll need:

500g of pie crusts (I use buckwheat crusts)

4 eggs (separate egg whites if your baby can’t have that yet)

1 teaspoon salt (it’s not much compared to the whole meal ratio)

250g of any kind of soft cheese

200mL of yogurt (I use Greek yogurt since it’s dense and creamy)

150mL of sparkling water

50mL of oil (I use pomace olive oil, since we’re actually baking the pie)

15 large chard leaves

What you’ll need to do:

Break the eggs and mash them.

Add salt, yogurt, oil and sparkling water.

Wash the chard and soak it in boiling water for 3 minutes.

Rince the chard with cold water, drain it and cut into small pieces.

Put the chard into the previously made mash. (Before you do it, though, put a small amount of mash aside to cover the pie in the end. About 30mL – 1 oz).

Put the baking paper into the pan you’re using, or cover it with oil.

Now, on to making the pie!

Put two crusts at the bottom. Pour the mash over the crust until it covers it nicely. Put one crust over it. Pour the mash over that crust, too – and so on, until you’ve spent the mash and/or reached the tip of the pan. Then, cover the last mash layer with a double-crust, just like you did at the bottom. Put some of that mash you stashed away for later over the final crust and spread it nicely.

Bake for 40min at 200 degrees Celsius.

Last step: enjoy this beautiful, baby-friendly, ovo-lacto vegetarian version of cheese pie. We love it!

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