The Truth About Living On The 18th Floor

Have you ever pictured yourself living, quite literally, at the top of the city?

I haven’t – well, at least not until we moved here.

There are many things about living this high up that I couldn’t even imagine; some of them I discovered only recently. My perspective and opinion about it is ever changing, and I’d like you to know what it’s like to be here.

The Good

The view is majestic.

Okay, this is an obvious one – there is just something special about being in the clouds, looking at the city every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or there isn’t a single cloud in the sky to block the sun – the view is always special and there is always something to look at! See for yourself!

There’s less interaction with the outside world.

This may not be great for everyone, but I enjoy this aspect of having my own princess tower. I rarely go outside if I don’t need to do groceries or take the baby out for a walk. There isn’t any need for constant interaction, interruption or socialization. It’s like people forget you’re up there and you no longer have to worry about them.

It’s less noisy.

You don’t often hear sounds from the street here. Occasionally, an angry driver (usually a mom who just got her license and is taking her child to daycare that’s next to our building, failing to find a proper way to get back on the road) will honk at 7:30am and will provoke all the other angry honkers. We live next to the main train station in Novi Sad, too, so we also hear the train honking. But that’s about it. It’s super quiet up here, which does good things for my mind.

No mosquitoes, pigeons or flies.

For some reason, they all love the climate of the first ten floors. Over here, we don’t get those very often. At this altitude, the only reason we have the window nets installed are sparrow-hawks (I kid you not on this one!).

The air feels better.

According to some research, there is an equal amount of pollution here as there is on the lower floors. However, it’s super windy up here and when we open the windows, the air flow is amazing – even on a hot, summer day!

Our son loves watching the city.

There is something special about living here with a baby. At his age, he’s interested in everything his eye catches – and you wouldn’t believe how much of an attraction the city lights at night are!

When we have friends over, they take pictures of the view.

Not everywhere do people do this, right? It just makes you feel special!

The Bad

If the elevator stops working, you’re done.

It almost never happens, but if it was to happen more often, I don’t know how I’d be getting around with a baby. Using stairs at this altitude with the little one will just not do the trick.

One of the only times this happened was when I was about to give birth. I was full-term, literally waiting to go into labor, when there was a small fire on the electrical installations and they had to replace it. Consequently, the elevators were turned off for safety reasons, for about 24 hours. Can you imagine the horror I felt and the scenarios that me and Filip were coming up with, in case I do go to labor?

The couriers won’t deliver your packages.

The mailmen and couriers do not like going to the 18th floor and it’s annoying. They will write a note and leave it in the mailbox, or they’ll pretend they were there and you didn’t open the door (that story doesn’t cut it since I’m a SAHM, right?). Even the food delivery reluctantly comes all the way to the top, for some reason. It sucks!

The altitude

This is no longer an issue for me, but I used to be afraid of heights until I moved here (and realized how beautiful the view is!). It’s scary sometimes, when it’s extremely windy, to think about the allowed bending and moving of the building. You don’t feel it, but the tower definitely moves around. I know it and that’s pretty freaky to me!

I also have a few friends who don’t really like coming over because it’s so high up. I get it, but I wish I saw them more.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to go through the hassle of getting down.

Not even to take out the trash. Or buy bread. Or pay the bills.

Sometimes, it feels like a real hassle rather than an adventure.

And you start thinking about whether or not the world will fall apart if you don’t do that today.

What do you think about living in the clouds? Would you do it? Let me know in the comments!

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