3 Fantastic Things Do While You’re Looking After Your Baby

…and by fantastic, I mean big things, not just good things. Activities that will help you grow as a personality and not get lost in the “I’m a mom/dad and nothing else” kind of attitude.

Believe me when I say it; so many people live their lives thinking they’re supposed to be their children’s slaves, their caterers and all-doers. Spoon-feeders. That’s not my family, and it shouldn’t be yours either.

If you’re looking for ways to stay productive and on track with your life while you’re breastfeeding, playing on the floor with your baby, cooking, doing chores – you’re in the right place!

Listen to audio books and podcasts

This is probably the single most important thing you can do while being busy with a baby. Your hands might be busy and yes, you’re teaching them to talk and give them plenty of attention, but hey! Your brain is capable of a lot more!

I’m not just giving you another (wo)man’s advice – this is something I practice every day while being with my son. Instead of playing music (yes, I listen to music too, but not in my alone-with-the-baby time) – unless it’s meant to be for my son to calm him or engage him – I am listening to audio books, podcasts, YouTube videos, seminars and conferences on various topics that include growing your business, social media, personal development, education… you name it!

My current recommendation, if you’re looking for ways to expand your (however big or small) business and realize your full potential is finding out who Grant Cardone is and getting your hands on any piece of content he has to offer. You’ll thank me later.

Engage in your hobbies

You don’t need to sit there and watch your baby’s every blink to be a present, good parent. I mean, you can, but your child will be just as loved and cared for if you do something you like while sitting next to them.

You enjoy knitting? Haven’t been drawing in a long time? That coloring book is stuck somewhere on the shelf? There are crafts you’re behind on? You really want to try that face mask or put makeup on? Great! Your child will not mind you looking after yourself and your mental health. Maybe they’ll get interested and enjoy watching you do something different!

Stay connected with friends

Not every interaction with friends has to be a playdate. You deserve socialization and adult conversation, too! If you’ve got no one around, call someone. They live in a different country? Viber, Skype, WhatsApp – they’re all great for staying connected!

There’s someone nearby that you could invite over or go for a walk with? Awesome! Don’t let yourself be lazy. See your friends, talk to them, provide some fresh air and company for you and your little one. It doesn’t mean you’re paying less attention to them.

Remember: kids learn how to speak even by listening. You talking to your friend will expose your baby to new words and ways of speaking that you’re probably not practicing while you’re with them.

Grow yourself as a person, too – not just your child. Your little one needs a strong, open minded parent who will have the wisdom to help them get through this life. Acquire that wisdom. Get over thinking you’re an introvert and get out in the world. Do fun things to develop your interests. You don’t want your child to think of you as boring and uninterested in anything life has to offer in 20 years. Show them how to love life.

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