My Concerns Regarding Corona Virus

I’m not going to get into detail on things that are in the media right now. If you’re trying to find research, it’s literally one click away. This is based on research, as well as on personal evidence and things that happen in my city – in Novi Sad – that are beginning to worry me.

Now, I’m not a panicky person. I don’t like creating unsettling feelings in other people because a certain topic is trending on social media. What matters is that it’s trending in my mind and that’s the whole reason why I’m writing about it.

Corona as a virus is concerning to me – you know I dislike me and my family being sick with burning passion. This time, as you’re all aware of it, the consequences are much more visible worldwide than when there was the swine flu… or the bird flu, whatever that thing was.

Maybe not, though. Maybe I was too young to remember the economical charade behind it that made people go into frenzy for food and toiler paper like they do now. I guess we’ll see.

One thing is certain, I did not have a child to think about back then. I was the child. Now, things have changed, and I need to act differently. I’m sure many of you feel this way.

Here are some of my own concerns.

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Social impact of Corona

I guess I needed to see this one first to believe it and be able to actively spread awareness.

Yesterday, while Viktor and I were at our usual spot on the playground, I witnessed two blonde kids with their blonde mother actively bullying a Chinese woman with her young son.

All they did was coming to that same playground, so the boy can play in the sand for a bit.

The kids started engaging with the Chinese boy, but their mother stepped in and showed them what they were apparently supposed to be doing instead – she treated the Chinese mother like she was the disease itself.

She threatened her and ordered her to immediately take her son out of that playground.

She was loud, rude, and obnoxious. I’m sure her kids will be no different one day.

I really dislike playground bullies, and now I’m getting a better picture of how they become what they are.

Please… if you’re in a similar situation, don’t be racist. Show some compassion. Do you think they’re having a good rest of the day, with everyone frowning at them and pulling their kids away from them like they’re the new plague?

It’s not the way humans should be treating one another.

Just because someone is Chinese – and that someone lives in your neighborhood, walks around the same blocks and goes to the same stores, not stepping foot out of the country for years – is no reason to treat them like garbage.

Be the bright point of their day, not the very darkest one.

After Corona scandal is gone, they will remain your neighbors. Do you think they’ll treat you with any compassion when you’re the one needing it? That time may come. You and I both know that.

Help the struggling Chinese restaurants. You don’t need to go there if it makes you uncomfortable, but order takeout. Don’t be a paranoid maniac. Corona is not in your noodles.

Don’t teach your kids to bully. Be a human. Treat everyone like human beings. Show compassion.

Economic impact of Corona

I’ve been reading about this one online for days… well, weeks now, and it’s only now starting to become apparent in Serbia, too.

A couple of days ago, Filip’s mom told us we should stock food for the next couple of months. We laughed it off, thinking that kind of behavior spreads even more panic, and decided not to do that.

Now, we’re in the position of having to, even with a very average income, just because this same exact mentality has spread enough for people in our neighborhood to do it. They’re wiping the shelves clear and buy everything they can.

Is this really the way?

We have a little baby in our home. Naturally, we can’t go starving, so we’re going to have to do it as well. Not because of Corona, but because of people.

You are well aware of other, bigger impacts, but this is the one that’s hurting us the most right now. Having to create money out of nowhere, for food we know we don’t need right now, just so we’re not the ones in shortage.

Also, I’m the one starting a business during these troubling times. I wonder how much more I’ll have to work to get someone to buy a good product, simply because they have more pressuring business to attend to.

In conclusion…

There’s a lot of panic going around. An amount of concern is totally justified and understandable, but people going on a rampage just isn’t.


We all need to take care of ourselves.

I don’t have too much in general to say that hasn’t been said by the government recommendation.

I want to mention all my friends who are expecting, and the ones who have a baby at home.

Regardless of where you live, make sure you’re not the one taking risks, and paying a big price because of that.

Take care of your baby. Wash their little hands. If they’re older, teach them how to wash their own hands and talk to them about the importance of it.

If you have an infant and you have to get out of house, take no sh*t from other people. There is no appropriate amount of baby-touching, baby-kissing or anything in that category, that’s tolerable during these times. Carry a spray bottle with water if you have to and, if they try to interact, treat them like cats. Spray them away.

What’s your take on Corona virus? Is your city affected and how are you handling it?

Let me know in the comments!

Stay safe!

8 thoughts on “My Concerns Regarding Corona Virus

  1. Some people can’t be comfortable unless they have something to worry about. The whole world could be perfect, no deaths, absolute harmony, and some would point out problems. I’ve been pondering why this is so. Am I concerned about this virus? No more than anything else going on in the world.

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    1. Unfortunately, virus is not the core issue – it’s the economical shift and change of human behavior in crisis that really worries me. People are afraid, therefore dangerous and unpredictable. I don’t expect everyone to stay calm, though, they would lose all their human traits if they did I suppose. 🙂

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  2. It’s systemic. It took a long time to get where we are. Thankfully, I have met, heard, and read enough clear minded individuals to know that we also have many who do understand. Hope is forever. Always believe in the best.

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  3. In a year, maybe much less, when this is all of the past, there will be other articles creating fear. Most people understand this. But they react because they have to survive amidst co-workers/family/society’s fears, but better not to live in fear and be the examples. So, as much as possible, do your work, be with family, and do things positive and proactive. Relax.

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      1. It can have serious effects, depending upon the person, more so if they have other medical complications like COPD. But, that’s always been the way of things. And remember, we’ve kept the borders open, never checking those entering for diseases. Why worry now? There’s a reason.

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