40 Essential Things To Pack For A LONG Journey In Less Than 12 Hours

I’ve been wanting to write about many different things today, however – since this is one of the most recent topics of my life I am now an expert on – I figured, why not?

For those of you following my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may know why I’m posting at a very different time than usual. For the past day, my husband and I have been packing our belongings and leaving our beautiful city – Novi Sad, to live in the countryside and lay low for a while. Until things get better. Like, much better.

The reason for this abrupt leaving is most likely known to all of you, however I will restrain from discussing the reason further on my social networks due to new government regulations posed in Serbia that could put me in an awkward position with the authorities. If you’d like to discuss this topic with me further, you know where to reach me.

Now, back to the point of this super-useful article!

If you’re planning on going on any kind of sudden journey like I was, and you have a very short period of time to do so, I’ll provide you with a list of things we ended up taking with us.

  1. Food. Now, this may be an obvious one, but if you’re going somewhere to be for a while and you want to make sure your stock is full, get some food that will last for a while. Get the things you like and you can cook over time (don’t buy a bunch of fresh vegetables that will go bad if you don’t have time to prepare it!) I’m usually not an advocate of ready-made food, but in case of a hurry, it will do just fine!
  2. Clothes. Again, an obvious one. Don’t get too many clothes – if you’re going away for a while, make sure to have access to a washer! A few pairs of socks, underwear, shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, shoes (you get the point) is enough!
  3. Hygiene products. Toothpaste. Toothbrush. Body lotion. Body wash. Aftershave. Deodorant. Shampoo. Scissors. Hair fan. Hair brush… Any kind of hair, body or personal hygiene product that you find yourself using on a daily basis. Don’t throw things in the bag that you don’t even remember using, because you won’t do it when things are out of ordinary!
  4. Pillows, covers, sheets. If you’re staying someplace where you need to provide your own bedding, make sure to bring those things with you – it will make your first night very uncomfortable unless you do!
  5. Phone (or any kinds of) chargers. Super important!! Your phone is one of your most prized possessions. Don’t forget them!
  6. Tech – laptops, iPads, tablets, iPods… anything you use on a regular basis, will have a way to charge and will help you on your journey. As previously mentioned, get all the cables and chargers! (On day one of our long trip, this is what we’re struggling right now! Don’t be us!)
  7. Board games. If you’re into this kind of thing, bring one, and make that your favorite game. You can’t have all of them!
  8. Books. They’re such a valuable and underestimated resource! Bring the books you know you’ll read and love reading. That’s right: not just one book. Books!
  9. Camera. If you don’t use your phone as a camera, of course!
  10. Swimsuit. Regardless of where you’re going.
  11. Favorite kitchen gadgets. We brought our own super-non-sticky pan, a toaster and a muffin tray. As you may presume, this will be a longer trip!
  12. Paper towels. If you can find some.
  13. Medicine. Any kind of medication, vitamins or supplements you and your family use every day.
  14. Thermometer. Kind of goes together with the previous one, but just to make sure. All medical equipment you need, you should bring.
  15. Anything you need to be able to continue working remotely. For me, it’s a laptop, internet and a camera. Also, some notebooks where I write important things about the blog.
  16. Documents. This should NOT be the 16th thing you think about, like I did, because it’s extremely important. ID, healthcare cards, insurance papers, passports. Anything and everything useful.
  17. Towels (actually random, considering the previous one was so much more important)
  18. House keys, car keys (we’re back on the Important train)
  19. Glasses, contacts, staff, anything you need on a daily basis
  20. MONEY. I can’t believe I didn’t put this on #1, but I guess I assumed it was too obvious. You. Need. Money!

As a special, since we are traveling with our baby, I will provide a special list for baby equipment you need. If there’s anything more than this on your mind – you probably don’t need it, if your baby can survive without it.

  1. Clothes – don’t bring too much since your baby may be growing out of everything too quickly and you’re trying to travel as light as possible, even on a longer journey.
  2. Bed sheets and covers – I actually managed to fail on this particular one
  3. Baby carrier/sling – we don’t use it anymore, but younger babies might, so bring that for sure
  4. Diapers – don’t overdo it, but bring as much as you think you’ll actually need
  5. Wipes – never enough of those!
  6. Any medication your baby needs
  7. Baby rash cream
  8. Pacifiers – if your baby uses them. What a wonderful time to get rid of them, though!
  9. Bottles, sippy cups
  10. Plates, spoons, any eating gadgets you use
  11. Favorite bedtime books
  12. Towels
  13. Baby lotion
  14. Nail scissors
  15. Your baby’s documents (SUPER important)
  16. Favorite toys
  17. Pack n’ Play + mattress
  18. Breastpump equipment / baby formula / jar food / solids – basically, anything food-related that will keep your baby full
  19. Baby dishes & clothes detergent
  20. Stroller

What other things would you bring on a longer journey? Let me know! (So I know what we need to obtain additionally! Ha.)

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