Why It’s Wonderful To #StayHome

In this time of the whole world collapsing socially and economically, social media is no different. There’s a lot of negativity and depressing thoughts being shared all over the place. This is my way of making a difference – I want to remind you why it’s great to spend time at home, by showing you my own examples. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself in one of these reasons, which will motivate you . or whoever you share this with – to stay at home and enjoy, as difficult as it may sound!

I get to spend more time with my husband, who now works from home

This is one of the most important reasons why I appreciate this time – not only is he around 24/7, he also doesn’t spend time going to work and driving home, so it makes it a lot easier to spend time together. Also, he’s able to have family lunch during his work break, which is doing wonders for our relationship.

Of course, knowing he has to work, I’d never ask him to look after the baby or engage in serious conversation. However, him physically being here and talking to me from time to time makes me feel less alone and my day goes by a lot faster.

He’s super busy, but it’s nice to know he’s here!

Our soon sees his dad a lot more, too

This kind of relates to the first point, but it’s a whole different world for him now that Filip is home. They’ve bonded so much since we’ve gone into isolation. Now, Viktor says “Dad” almost as much as “Mom” and gets so happy and excited every time he sees him! It’s so wonderful to see that!

He loves his new play space and the amount of attention he’s getting 🙂

All of us get to eat quality food

Since Filip is at home, I feel more motivated to cook nice meals for lunch, not just for dinner. By doing so, he’s not spending money on takeout food, and we’re all eating homemade, cooked meals that are a lot healthier for us. I’m so grateful for that!

I’ve got company

Since we moved to the countryside to be in isolation, we’re now staying with Filip’s dad, my father-in-law. This has done wonders for my mental state. I finally have someone to talk to during work hours, Viktor gets to play with someone else rather than only seeing my face all day, and I get help around the house. Being a stay-at-home mom just got a whole lot easier after months of struggling with these issues!

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There’s not that many people & commitment

I love our friends, but I also appreciate evenings (especially during weekends) when it’s just me and Filip after our baby goes to sleep. Not having to come up with excuses and reasons to not see anyone if we choose not to is relieving!

We feel more eager to catch up with our friends

On the other hand, we miss our friends dearly and feel the need to reconnect with them. We often call someone to see how they’re doing or message them to check in on them. We probably wouldn’t be doing it in ordinary circumstances

I have more time to work on the blog, business and personal development

By being isolated, Filip and I both have a lot more time to grow our business and educate ourselves on how to do so. These days, we’re watching the 10X Growthcon official video – it’s been immensely useful and it keeps giving us new ideas on how to improve!

You should definitely watch it! It’s SO useful for any entrepeneur!

I’ve finally started on my book!

After weeks of thinking about it, planning, organizing (in one word: procrastinating), I’ve gathered all my resources, added some courage and finally started writing. Last night, I finished my very first chapter and I feel great about it!

If you’re wondering what I’m writing about, here’s a major spoiler: the book is going to reveal the truth, tips and tricks we used to get our 11-month old son to eat just about anything we put on his plate. It will teach you how to properly introduce solids into your baby’s nutrition so they’re well accepted – and liked! Apart from that, I will discuss the importance of healthy eating habits even during (and before) pregnancy! It’s important stuff, and it’s going to be awesome content available to you soon!

Get ready for some seriously informative and mind-blowing stuff on Mom’s Den!

How have you been spending time in isolation? Are you working on something special?

Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Why It’s Wonderful To #StayHome

  1. I share same thoughts with you here…family bonding and husband is having nice warm lunch with us. But sometimes I miss ‘me time’. My daughter is 17, so she is with her novels after exams and hubby is working…I feel isolated. . It is just newspaper and TV. Sometimes it is kind of depressing. I desperately want things to become better soon.

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