Ways To Stop Fighting With Your Partner Immediately

We’re living through some tough times right now – the quarantine is hitting us hard, and we may be forced to spend all our available time in a limited space with our families and loved ones. As great as it sounds, it’s challenging to be around someone 24/7 and not argue about anything – especially during a crisis like this.

If you’re finding yourself arguing with your partner about ridiculous things constantly, these tips are bound to help you at least stop fighting – but it’s up to you to work out whatever issues you may have!

Here’s what my husband and I do if we feel like we’ve argued over pointless things too much.

We consciously decide to shut up.

Yep, you heard it right. The moment we laugh at the things coming out of our mouth and realize how stupid it is what we’re fighting about, we just stop right there and say: “Let’s stop fighting. Now.” We’re both reasonable enough to know that we don’t really want to fight, so this always works!

One of us takes a (small) break.

If we’re not able to stop ourselves from nagging, the person who’s more upset will usually take a couple of minutes in another room to calm down. Our son can be a wonderful distraction – do you know how there are animals who people in hospitals pet to make them feel better? Babies work the same way! If you’re upset and don’t know how to stop arguing, spend some calm time with your child and distract yourself a bit. You’ll feel much better after that, I promise!

We do a house chore.

If taking a break doesn’t do the trick (and we only, really, have one baby so we can’t both spend time with different kids in different rooms), we think about what needs to be done around the house – in different rooms – and we use the physical act of cleaning a part of the house to our mental advantage. We both get busy with our hands, perform a useful, routine task and refresh our minds. We come back in a better mood – we got distracted, plus we cleaned the house a bit! More time for when we feel better about each other – yay!

How do you end arguments with your partner? Write it in the comments!

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