Predictions About Post-Isolation World

As difficult as it is to believe it right now, the state we are in is going to change – for better or for worse. The world can’t function, the way it is now, with everything stopping completely. It will either cease to exist, or will find new ways for people to live in it after the isolation.

I have a few uneducated guesses of my own that I believe will be some key points defining our future, which I’m going to talk about today. They’re not based on any kind of extensive research and they’re not confirmed by any officials – they’re just my thoughts on how the world will look like, moving forward – and which things need to change.

There will be a lot less paper money

It is my belief that people will turn to their plastic – after all, money is filthy and you never know who’s touching it. I think that a lot of people will be too paranoid to use the money that’s been touched by plenty of people and will (to the bank’s satisfaction) use their debit or credit cards even for the basic expenses.

Looks pretty unsanitary now, doesn’t it?

People will keep their distance

Not everyone will, but those who got really nervous due to Coronavirus, will continue to be careful when it comes to strangers getting near them. People with little babies will not tolerate anyone trying to touch the baby, either – we’ve seen first-hand how scary the germs can be!

Money will change its value

Due to drops in the stock market, as well as many industries and businesses getting shut down – while others are thriving – there will be a shift in money’s value and some things will be worth a lot less, while others’ worth will drop.

The healthcare system will be ready

They weren’t ready this time, especially not in the countries that are more heavily hit. I think this will bring some change to the way the system prepares for large-scale events, like Coronavirus, in future. Better protection of the whole healthcare system will become a higher priority.

Hopefully, these guys will be better protected!

Changes in travel and requirements

We may be obliged to get a Coronavirus vaccine, once it’s available, if we wish to move or travel to another countries. Our children may have to get vaccinated before entering the school or daycare system. We may have to do it before we apply for our next job. All of us may have to get it anyway, regardless of circumstances.

There will be less pollution, at least temporarily

With less industries, people in the streets, transportation, tourism and ways to pollute the Earth in other ways, the world will be a lot cleaner place than before Coronavirus. Hopefully, the authorities will recognize this positive aspect of the pandemic, and will work harder on protecting the treasures we’ve taken for granted.

Less people outside definitely means less of this!

More people will work from home

Maybe because of a newly developed habit, fear or convenience, who knows. I’m pretty sure there will be many workers who choose to continue working this way, and there may be some companies that shift to being online completely.

More kids will be homeschooled

Some parents will still have concerns about Coronavirus. Some families will simply discover that it works for them. Either way, there will definitely be more homeschoolers by choice.

Some kids really enjoy working from home!

Less people will use public transportation unless necessary

Fear, or acceptance of new habits, will get a lot of people back on their feet, or bikes – rather than using the buses or metro stations if they don’t have to.

Small businesses that are not as crucial to society will shut down

A lot of businesses that offer a service you’d like, but don’t need to have, will be shutting down. For a while, people will be concerned with necessities, rather than spoils and luxury.

Video game industry will continue to be on the rise

People are already working on finding themselves some distractions. Most will inevitably get hooked on this new habit. With it, the streaming business on Twitch and Mixer will be blooming for a lot of people, too.

This is most parent’s only option these days – to let the kids spend time at home playing games.

Sports will change

The way people cheer for their teams and gather in large groups may change, either by choice or new regulations. We’re unsure if people will be able to gather in such large numbers for a while.

China will be a more dominant force globally

With all the help China has been offering to many countries, it may further establish its influence as the economic force in the world.

People will value life a lot more

With a lot of time to think about our actions, decisions and life choices, we will finally understand what’s important to us – our lives, our families, and happiness in all spheres of our lives.

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What do you think? Did I forget to mention something? Let me know in the comments!

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