3 YouTube Channels That Won’t Destroy Your Children [And Will Do Some Good]

Last month, I wrote about our general attitude about screen time – we allow it in moderate amounts, and we control the content our almost 1-year old is exposed to. This time, I’d like to share the only three channels we currently allow our child to watch and why they’re beneficial.

Remember: screen time should not be your nanny, and it’s a lot better for kids to play outside – but if you’re in a jam and you’ve got to eat or make a phone call, use this as an asset to make your life easier!

Most of these channels are packed with songs and educational content, and no matter how stimulating they are for your children, one day you’ll want them to know how to count, differ between colors, say “please” or brush their teeth. These three channels offer all of that in one place and it makes me feel a lot better about the content I’m exposing my son to.

If the reason why you’re considering screen time is because you’d like your little one to learn English as a second language, though, I highly recommend this video before moving on – it will provide you with plenty of additional tips on how to raise your little one bilingually.

Super Simple Songs

I’ve loved these songs since we first started looking for baby-friendly content, and our son enjoys it a lot! The best thing about it is having so many different types of characters, so naturally, your child develops a preference for certain type of content.

Viktor loves the Super Simple Monsters as well as Noodle and Pals.

However, his absolute favorite character is the peek-a-boo kitty! This is his favorite playlist!

Little Baby Bum

This is a pretty similar channel to Super Simple Songs, but their animation is a bit different – more baby-friendly, I’d say. Also, they perform some of Viktor’s favorite songs that aren’t on Super Simple Songs.

He adores the Five Little Ducks – it’s become the song I sing to him whenever he’s cranky. He calms down straight away!

Masha and the Bear

This has become a recent favorite in our household since Viktor started to understand a bit more about the world. It has beautiful animation, it’s action-packed and every single cartoon has a wonderful message about friendship, respect, loyalty, love or learning a lesson from Masha’s mischiefs. It’s an actually smart cartoon. It also has its music channel playlist where a lot of well-known nursery rhymes from the previous two mentioned channels are performed, too!

Does your baby have a favorite cartoon? Share it in the comments!

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