How To Nurture Your Mental Health During Isolation

It’s a crazy, scary world out there – and no matter how much we love our families or enjoy spending time away from offices, in warmth of our homes – when it hits us that we don’t know when or how this will all end, it can hit pretty hard.

What matters most during this time – apart from the obvious, to stay at home and don’t put ourselves and others at risk – is preserving our mental health. Or what’s left of it, anyway.

Today I’m giving you a list of things you can do to help you do just that! If you think I may have missed something, write it in the comments – I’m sure someone will find it helpful.

If you can, work

This is possibly the most crucial part of staying sane. If you’re able to work from home, do your best to stay productive during your working hours. Try to be as efficient as you can. I’m not trying to unsettle you, but everyone’s job is at risk in some way. Even if you are a part of a growing industry, there could still be a time when decisions will have to be made – for example, whether it’s you or your colleague being kept in the company. So do your best to re-earn your position and prove your value. Being productive will make the time fly by faster!

Spend quality time with family

We all know this is important, but I can’t stress how crucial it is to define “quality time”. We’re spending a lot of hours in our homes with our families, anyway – that’s what makes it difficult to make a decision to try harder during certain hours. You see their faces every day (maybe even more than you’d like), how is that not quality time?
It’s simple – treat your time with partner and children like a date, rather than already living with someone and choosing to skip date nights since you’re “doing something” anyway. Make good food, stay away from social media/news about coronavirus, play board games, watch a good movie, go for a walk (if you can and if you’re allowed to). Try to make certain hours more special than the others!

Start a house project you’ve been putting off

Cleaning a part of your home or fixing something you’ve been rescheduling for months can be great for your confidence right now. You probably have other family members around you, too – why not make it an activity you all participate in? The work will get done faster, you’ll have more fun and you may even be motivated to start working on something else!

Develop your hobby

I’m sure you’ve got something you enjoy doing! Now is a great time to add a bit of hobby time into your schedule. Reading, watching movies/TV shows, drawing, taking photos, knitting, building things, writing, doing makeup or your hair – these are just some of the things you can do, and I know for a fact most people have a passion way more exotic than the “standard” hobbies. Go for it!

Keep a journal

This is an insane time in the history of this planet – keeping a journal of any kind is a great idea to leave a memory for yourself and your family in years to come. This is very far from fun, but the thoughts you’re having right now may be just what you need to read in a few years. Also, you’re leaving a valuable legacy for the future generations – your journal may be worth a lot of money in a few decades!

Get physical

Exercise is important – don’t let these circumstances stop you from taking care of your body. If there’s something we have, it’s internet and YouTube – there are many fitness plans and programs you can follow and do from the comfort of your home, with minimal space and equipment. This can turn into family fun, too, so keep on moving!

Talk to people

If you feel the need to talk to people, do it – it’ll make you feel so much better if you share the load with someone. We’re all in this together. Talk to family members, call your best friend or relatives and ask them how they’re doing. You’ll be surprised to find out how similar their feelings may be to yours. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, hey – I’m always here for you! Feel free to message me on social media any time. I reply to my messages daily, I love staying in touch!

Take care

This is by far the most important tip – take good care of yourself. Shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, drink plenty of water, eat all your meals, get fresh air… These are the things you still have to do, even if you’re in isolation and the world feels like it’s come to an end (I feel like this a lot, yet I try to maintain my routine – I’m still posting daily, I’m sure you noticed!).

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