Benefits Of Baby Sleeping In Your Room

For my family, since my son has been born, sleeping separately has never been an option – mostly because we’ve never had an extra room to put him in. After a couple of months into motherhood, I’ve noticed that there’s a trend of separating babies in a different room. I often wonder why that is, except for maybe getting more sleep. Maybe. If you don’t have to get up and tend to your little one who’s in the room next door.

The benefits of sharing a room with a baby may not be the same for everyone – I can only speak for myself and give my own reasons why I think that’s done us good. If you’ve got other opinions, or additions to this list, I’d love to hear about them!

Here’s why we love having our son in our room:

Peace of mind

I don’t know about you, but I sleep a lot better knowing I’m always there in case he needs me. am slightly anxious about babies having all sorts of accidents during the night, including SIDS, so I actually sleep better knowing he’s in his crib right next to my bed.

Easy feeding

Regardless of whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, it’s a lot easier to night-feed the baby and go straight to sleep. My son is still waking through the night at least once for a full bottle – when he’s right next to me, I can get the bottle before he actually wakes up. He starts breathing faster a couple of minutes before asking for food, it’s his “thing” before he wakes – it wakes me up and I can get to him with a full bottle and be ready the moment he asks for it!

Bonding in the morning

I love having him so close to us because, when he wakes up, I bring him into our own bed for cuddling. We spend 10-15 minutes every morning playing in bed while we’re still sleepy and in a great mood – it’s a fantastic bonding time for us!

Less chance for him to get hurt

Since he started getting up in the crib and cruising around inside of it, whenever he starts doing it, I’m there. If he stumbles or is about to fall, I can at least try to catch him before he gets hurt – this actually happened a couple of times and I was so grateful to have him around!

I can smell the poop

If he has an accident during the night, I can smell it and quickly change his diaper without waking him up!

Does your baby sleep in your room or in their own? What do you think about it?

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