Quarantine Routine: Working From Home With A Toddler

I’m going to be honest about it – since the quarantine, my life hasn’t changed all that much. I’m still at home, taking care of a very active toddler and doing my best to establish foundations of my online business. On top of all that, there has to be some time for my husband, too, who also works from home. Even with quarantine, we don’t get a lot of free time!

Since many people have found themselves struggling in this new way of living – all the working parents who left their offices and found themselves in a home environment – I decided to write this post. Today, I’m sharing my WAHM expertise, so hopefully it helps you establish your own routine – as much as it’s possible with a toddler, anyway!

(All times are subject to change, depending on when Viktor wakes up and it all begins – but the pattern remains the same!)

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9am: Viktor wakes up, stands up in his crib and starts poking me in the face (my bed is right next to the crib), trying to wake me up with “mamamamama”. After he wakes up, we have some cuddling time – I pick him up and bring him to my bed, so we can have a bit of playtime and hugs before we get up!

9:15am: He gets his diaper changed and gets dressed for the day. I take him to dad, who is also working from home now. Viktor sits on the floor and plays with his toys while I get dressed, brush my teeth and do my hair for the day (a ponytail is an often-chosen hairstyle). I prepare Viktor’s breakfast – at this point, he realizes I exist and enters the kitchen, waiting for his food!

9:30am: Viktor gets his breakfast – I usually put the high chair in dad’s office so we can spend a bit of time with him while he works. We try not to bother him, but it’s nice to have some company!

His favorite breakfast food!

After breakfast, he sits in his high chair for a bit while I’m making coffee for Filip and me, as well as a quick breakfast for us. I take Viktor to the living room/our current bedroom, where all his toys are. He plays while I eat my food and listen to a podcast or a YouTube video – usually about blogging, social media or finances.

I’ve been watching a lot of Tailwind videos lately!

10am: I have an active playtime with Viktor – he’s currently learning how to walk so he requires some extra attention. We play on the floor, chase around the room (I pretend to want to catch him, he laughs and crawls away) or he cruises around the furniture while I sit there, admiring him. I occasionally take some pictures or shoot videos for Instagram when something adorable happens – it almost always does!

11am: at this point, Viktor gets a bit tired and wants some chill time. He either sits in his play area and plays with his toys, crawls around and explores, or he watches some of the baby TV. I try to do some work – I come up with topics I’ll be writing about that day, brainstorm blog and social media improvements and post some pictures/videos on Instagram or Twitter.

12pm: Viktor is getting tired and wants a nap. I put him to sleep (he still gets a bottle of milk before the nap – I’m working on getting rid of it) and I go straight to work.

He’s adorable when he sleeps!

This is my time to blog – that’s why I usually post in the early afternoon. I write a blog post, create pins, publish and promote. By the time I’m done (or even before that), Viktor wakes up.

1pm: It’s Vikor’s lunch time – he now eats everything we eat, so we usually have lunch together. That’s a relief!

The “Where’s my food?” face!

1:30pm: We go to our back yard to get some fresh air – Viktor really enjoys his swing, so he spends a lot of time in it. I take some pictures, talk to him and play with our dog. After he gets bored in the swing, I take him out and we walk around, sit in the grass, learn about plants and play with the dog together.

2:30pm: We spend time playing inside, usually standing up and cruising around the chairs and tables. I enjoy this time because he’s in his best mood!

I, on the other hand, get super tired!

4pm: Viktor gets tired again, so I put him down for another nap. We try to make this an earlier nap, so he goes to bed at a decent time during the night. I work on the blog or take a nap if I’m really tired.

4:30pm: Filip gets off from work and we have either a snack or an early dinner together. At this point, he takes over Viktor so I can work. We sit in the same room, but I’m usually busy working on my book, Bachelor’s thesis or blog stuff. Filip plays with Viktor, gives him dinner and a bath. When I’m done, we usually go outside again.

The other day, we got to enjoy some snow!

7pm: I take over Viktor and play with him for a bit before bed. Filip uses this time to brainstorm ideas for work, watch YouTube tutorials and improves himself as a 3D artist. I put Viktor to bed whenever he’s tired (anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30pm).

9pm: I spend some quality time with Filip – we talk, have second dinner, watch some TV or work on projects.

10:30pm: I work on my book and blog again. Filip plays chess online or watches educational videos. Around 1am, he goes to sleep, and I work some more.

2am (ideally!): I go to bed! Yawn.

What does your quarantine routine look like? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Quarantine Routine: Working From Home With A Toddler

  1. Hi! It’s great to see how your day’s routine looks, and you have such a cutie son. It’s nice he has time with dad now that he’s working from home. Your day is a long one but very productive! PS Connected on Insta 😊


    1. Thank you! 🙂 My day feels like a year sometimes, but I’ve decided to put myself into beast mode during this crazy time and try to make things work. It’s been game changing for me, and that’s what pushes me forward! Dad loves working from home, he’s even considering making arrangements so he works partially from home when things go back to normal. I would love that! Also thanks for connecting on IG! 😀


  2. Same here about quarantine not really changing much. We have a toddler that I have daily while his Mom work and I work from home. My hubs is disabled so he’s always home too. The only difference is my boys don’t have school and another boy I watch is here more often because of no school.
    Your baby is adorable btw!


    1. For SAHM’s, this quarantine stage has been surprisingly similar to the pre-quarantine. That tells me a lot about our lives lol.
      Thank you! He’s been super active lately and we have a lot of fun together, at least we try, since we don’t go anywhere. 🙂
      We all need to work hard on staying sane and maintaining good relationships with the people we live in regardless of the stress. It’s so important! 🙂


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