A Letter To My Son On His 1st Birthday

Dear son,

Today marks one year since you’ve been with us. I can tell you, it’s been a roller-coaster – but dad and I loved every second of it.

Instead of a great, big party we would have thrown for you – nothing too fancy, but we do have a lot of friends who love you and care for you – we’re down to four of us. You’re not going to remember this one day, but your birthday fell right in the middle of COVID-19 quarantine. If you’re reading this in a few years, ask me – I’ll tell you all about it. But not now.

Today, it’s just me, your dad and grandpa. We love you so much and we’re trying to throw you the best quarantine party ever. I found some music on YouTube to play for you, I baked your favorite muffins, I even made you a birthday hat. Dad bought a number 1 candle to light on your muffins. Right now, we’re waiting for you to wake up from your nap so we can sing you a song. It’s gonna be great!

I know you don’t yet understand the concept of birthdays – but this is your day. It’s supposed to be special, and I’ve really tried to make it special since you woke up this morning. I abandoned all my other work and routines, so I can spend all my time with you, take you to the back yard, dance with you, show you how to play with your toys. I hope I’m doing enough.

Dad and I love you so, so much. You’re a beacon of love and hope in our family. Your laugh makes everyone else laugh. Your smile with your only two bottom teeth turns all the frowns upside down!

I couldn’t believe how much a child can transform in one year. Exactly one year ago, you were a tiny, little bundle, unaware of the whole world around you. You were so fragile and soft.

Today, you’re cruising the whole house, literally climbing the walls – you’re about to walk on your own soon, too. And words – you know so many of them! You know mom, dad, grandpa, eat, drink, banana, yes, no, cat, meow, egg, milk, truck; even some simple sentences like “Where are you?” and “What are you doing?” – all in Serbian, for now, but I know you’ll love learning English, too!

You’re so gentle, too. You pet all your little plush toys and from time to time, you walk across the room, hug me, give me a kiss and say “mama” – it’s the best gift you can give me and you don’t even know it.

It feels so rewarding to see you play, look at you and smile, just to get the biggest smile back when you look back at me and see that I’m watching.

You’ve grown so much – I’m so excited to see what the future holds for all of us. Especially you – the way you’ll become, what you’ll like doing, who you’ll love spending time with. It still feels like you’re a present not yet fully unwrapped. We’re not impatient with it, dad and I. We’re waiting to see what you’ll become, soaking it all in, enjoying every second of our family life.

Thank you for being here. You’re our little world. Stay awesome.


Mom and Dad

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