Top 5 Reasons Why Your 1-Year Old Is Frustrated

Newborn phase was tough. Infant stage – a bit easier, once your baby started to interact more. Unfortunately, as she approached the 1 year mark, you’re noticing more and more frustration and tantrums. Just when you thought you were in the clear!

Why is that, though? Why does your baby seem unhappy even though you’re engaging with her more than ever? Here are some reasons, apart from the usual – hunger, nap time or illness!

Things are out of reach

Babies are still too small, and – even though some can cruise or walk around – they’re still unable to reach the things they’d like (sometimes with a good reason!).

Their legs get tired

Regardless of the fact that they’re restless, babies get tired quickly. It limits their exploration and they don’t know why! It’s hard being a baby, wanting to go around and see (or touch) everything and everyone, but not being able to!

They soak in more information

Their world is now expanding due to their developing senses – sometimes, they get overstimulated by what’s going on around them. If you suspect this is the case, try limiting the amount of stimuli – light, people, noise or action!

They fail to communicate

At the age of one, babies are now aware they can say some words and be understood. If they don’t know the word for what they want, or you don’t understand when they try to say it, they can quickly get annoyed!

They hear the word “no”

Some parents may not implement it in their parenting vocabulary at all, but most will use it when their child is about to stick their fingers into the extension cord or pull the tablecloth with many dangerous things that could land on the baby’s head. Most of the time, one year old babies have no idea why they can’t have something, and it’s hard to get them to see the point in you saying no to something. It must be frustrating, for sure!

What are some other reasons for your baby’s frustrations? Write in the comments!

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