Great Things About Being A Young Mom

I’m finding it funny that I even got to write about this – if you think about the way things used to be forty or fifty years ago, not a lot of people understood the concept of a “young mom” – mostly because girls were becoming moms at a very young age in comparison to today’s time, mostly around 18 years old. Going into your late twenties and not having kids was highly unusual, if a girl is married and able to produce children. If she wasn’t married – I guess that was even more unusual!

As a millennial, I understand the concept of a young mom very differently. Having a child at 24, at least on my own scale, put me into the category of a young mom. There’s plenty of moms out there who had their firstborn much, much earlier, but for me, this was as early as it was possible. At 24, I was freshly out of university (still a couple of exams to go through, but all the courses were over) and none of my colleagues were even close to have kids, or even husbands. Even a year later, I’m still very lonely in this stage of my life, and I’ve turned to friends who already have kids themselves. Naturally, they’re older than me, but I never found that to be important. They’re different kinds of friends in comparison to my friends from university, and I cherish them equally. They keep me sane. They hold me accountable.

I want to make sure I mention that I truly believe both younger and older moms are awesome, equally capable of doing everything and just as good mothers to their kids as the other ones. My goal is to encourage young moms who feel insecure about the children they’ve already got or are about to have – so if you’re an older mom, take this with a grain of salt!

For a while, I’ve been pondering this topic, wondering if there are really that many great things about being a young mom. It turns out, there are plenty! These are only some of them!

Young moms have more energy.

Obviously, I can’t tell you first-hand what it’s like to be in a different situation – this is what every mom above 35 years of age has told me. To me, moms of all age look pretty much the same when it comes to childcare – they all do a great job. I’m going to take their word for it, though – I bet it’s more difficult to run after a baby when you’re getting closer to 40 than 30!

Young moms have more career options.

This is cruel, but true in most cases. A mom who has her second child by 30 (and feels like she’s done) is still a young one. She can choose to either go to school or look for viable career options. Now, I’m not saying this is always the case – sometimes older moms can establish their career long before they have kids and they’re able to return to work in the same company where they’ve rightfully earned their spot. Older moms can go to school, too, and that’s awesome! However, if she hasn’t had a stable job and has children at 35, it may take years before she gets back in the market – at the age of 40, it can sometimes be difficult to land your first good job (at least in Serbia!).

Young moms can relate to their teens more.

Once a child becomes a teen, it’s a lot easier to have someone closer to your age to talk to, then a parent who is more of a grandparent. This also sounds very cruel, but both my husband and I know this from a personal example – although he’s had one case, and I had the other. I’m sure every single mom will do a fantastic job with her teens with some effort – but it’s easier for the kids to engage in conversation with someone who understands their language. (If you do that regardless of your age, you’re in the clear!)

Young moms have an easier time switching partners.

If a mom has a child with a partner who she separated from, she’ll have an easier time looking for someone to be her kids’ stepfather, if that’s what she wants. It’s not because she’s younger and more attractive (regardless of whether she is or not). There’s just a lot more people out there looking for someone who potentially has kids in their 20’s or 30’s than in their 40’s or 50’s. The reason is simple – their potential partners may hope to have children of their own too, someday, apart from their stepchild. There’s nothing to judge!

Young moms can potentially have more kids – if they want to.

This one is completely about biology and fertility. When a woman close to 40 has her first child, she may not want to give birth to another one (or may have the ability to do so).

Young moms have a reason to purposefully grow up.

A child you bring into this world can give you the motivation to start adulting more. It’s a purposeful event that makes you more mature and responsible (if you allow it to!).

Young moms give more time to both children and grandparents.

A young mom means a young grandma and grandpa, which mean they give both of them a chance to love on each other just a little bit longer. I was fortunate enough to get to know all my grandparents. It’s a great feeling and it gave me so many happy memories with them.

Young moms have an early empty nest.

After the kids are gone, a young mom still has enough time (and hopefully, energy) to do everything she’s ever wanted. She may not even be retired yet! It’s also easier to help your adult children with their grown-up issues if they don’t have to look after you in the process.

Young moms have more years with their children.

Nothing is guaranteed, of course – but younger moms give themselves a chance to have 10 or 15 extra years with their children. It’s more time to love them and create wonderful memories!

Young moms may have an easier birth and recovery.

This is not always the case, just like everything in life. However, younger bodies tend to have faster recoveries, and even faster labors. When I had my son, I thought it took forever to go through my 8-hour labor and 2 weeks of recovery. I now know it could have been way worse!

Young moms are still cool!

You can still dress wacky, play video games, listen to crazy music – or do whatever you want to – without your kids eyeing you suspiciously, or yelling: “Mom, stop! It’s not cool for you to do that!”

Did I miss another awesome benefit of being a young mom? Let me know in the comments!

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