How To Help Your Baby Un-Mix Day And Night

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When we brought Viktor home from the hospital for the very first time, honestly, this was the last thing we thought of. The first month felt like a blur; every day was divided into eight little days: eat, play, sleep, repeat. This is one of the reasons why it felt like eternity until we stopped waking him up for night feedings!

Helping your baby differentiate between day and night is, fortunately, one of the things you won’t have to worry very early on. At some point, though, when your baby starts being more awake during the day – you’re gonna want to sleep at night!

So, the question is: how do you explain to a tiny, little thing they should sleep deeply at night, and how that differs from the daytime naps?

Light makes all the difference

When your baby naps during the day, keep the room bright. Don’t worry – little one will still be able to sleep. Remember the time they spent in your belly? The baby was still able to sleep soundly even with all the light coming through!

Separate daytime from nighttime fashion

Babies don’t know anything about clothing, but you can start choosing different outfits for day and night. Don’t get your baby too comfortable during the day – feel free to keep the socks, panties and shirts on. During the night, swaddle your baby if that’s what you do, or dress her in a wearable onesie or babywear. Make sure it’s safe to sleep in!

Cut the whispering during the day

You don’t want your little one waking up to every noise during her naps. Feel free to talk, walk, even play a bit of music during your baby’s naps from the moment you bring her home from the hospital. That way, she’ll get used to sleeping in normal circumstances. Trust me on this one – we didn’t whisper at all when Viktor was born and he is able to fall asleep anywhere! It allowed us to actually get out of house during his naps, which was invaluable!

Have a separate, “meaningful” nighttime routine

It can be whatever you set it to be – storytime, bath time, snuggles, massage, fixed bedtime, you know what I mean! Make sure to be consistent with it so you baby can learn that it happens exactly before the long sleep – the nighttime one. Also, silence or white noise should be a cue for night sleep!

Use white noise

It’s soothing and it reminds babies of that precious time in their mother’s womb – your baby will be able to relax and hopefully have some longer stretches of sleep!

No entertainment during the night

Be “boring” – avoid eye contact or any form of entertainment that your baby can pick up on. Show her you’re not interested in that when it’s sleep time!

Exciting daytime

Make baby’s time during the day engaging and exciting, to create an opposite of the “boring you” – the baby will soon pick up on it and realize night time is not fun time, like it is during the day!

Hopefully, you’ll fix your baby’s sleep schedule in no time!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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