Stay At Home (Student) Mom, Your Degree Isn’t A Waste

I keep seeing this all across the social media – student moms turning into stay-at-home moms, feeling like they’ve wasted years and years of their lives, just to end up at home all the time with their kids.

It feels bad. But as everything in life, it’s a matter of perspective.

You didn’t waste your student years. There are plenty of reasons why it’s great for you and your family that you’ve gone through it – here are the most important reasons your degree matters!

  • Your diploma may still be useful

You may not be a SAHM forever. Once your children are older, or your family ends up in a tight spot, there may come a time when you need to work. It’s a lot better going into the whole process with a degree, than without it!

  • You’re showing your kids good example

Your education will, believe it or not, be something your kids brag about. Even if they don’t fully understand it yet. You’ve already made them feel proud without even knowing it!

  • Student years (probably) made you more disciplined

This is a great skill for all parents! If you want to teach your kids discipline and responsible behavior, what’s a better way to do it than showing your personal example?

  • A “real” job isn’t the only thing degrees are for

Knowledge and expertise you have may help you develop a side hustle – tutoring, creating helpful resources online or opening a small business of your own. It’s not always a 9-to-5 job you’re studying for. Remember: personal businesses, unlike salaries, don’t have a limit that depends on other people. It’s up to you how much you earn!

What do you think are the benefits of being a student mom? Write in the comments!

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