A Home Screen Of Blogger Mom’s Phone

Instead of a list of favorite apps that I may or may not be using, I decided to share the “real deal” – a list of the actual apps that are on my phone and that I enter multiple times on a daily basis. What better way to prove it than to printscreen my home page?

  1. WordPress widget: It motivates me to see my blog’s best stats daily. I am reminded what my goals are and I’m constantly working on beating them!
  2. Trello: Amazing checklist (and so much more!) app. My daily checklists are insane – they contain over 80 daily tasks!
  3. My Calendar: Yes, mom bloggers track their period on their phones. It’s important data!
  4. Pinterest: Because why would I ever want to live without it?
  5. Messenger: I don’t use it on my phone too much, but I leave my notifications on. I like being able to reply if it’s important!
  6. What To Expect: an insanely useful app for moms and moms-to-be!
  7. Discord: This is where most of my friends can be found!
  8. Twitter: Daily dose of blog posts from my friends
  9. WhatsApp: I’m super late with replying to messages sometimes, but the orange bubble keeps me reminded.
  10. WordPress App: I use it for more detailed stats. Sometimes, I’ll post a scheduled content from my phone.
  11. Facebook: I mostly only use it to post – I don’t have many empty pockets of time to scroll!
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  1. Viber: My replacement for text messages.
  2. Instagram: I don’t think I need to get into how important this app is for a blogger!
  3. Preview: I use it to schedule my Instagram posts – have you noticed how regular I am with my content on it? This is why!
  4. Messaging: Meh. I don’t even know why I keep it on here.
  5. LinkedIn: My new favorite place to scroll!
  6. Clock: I only use it for alarm clock, but let’s face it – I have a baby. He’s my alarm clock.
  7. Calculator: Actually pretty handy to have on a home page!
  8. Call: I don’t even call anyone. Why is this even here?
  9. Camera: Probably my #1 app when it comes to usage! Since my son was born, I’ve created over 50GB of memories!
  10. Mail: Super important for a blogger!
  11. Google Chrome: This is where apps sometimes take me. I allow them.

What’s your favorite from my list? Show me your home screens in the comments!

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