6 Things That Shocked Me About Postpartum

During pregnancy, I wasn’t as much of a researcher as I am now – blogging career kind of requires you to do it a lot, I suppose. If I had spent at least half an hour a day researching about postpartum, what to do and what to expect, I think I would have been much better off. I wouldn’t be surprised about the – apparently – most mundane things after giving birth!

  • Broken capillaries in the first 24 hours

After I had Viktor, I didn’t think much about looking at myself in the mirror. Until I looked for the first time. I was blissfully unaware that capillaries all over my body can crack due to straining – I looked like I had small pox! It was scary!

Luckily, the tiny dots went away after a couple of days – honestly, it felt like forever!

  • I was unable to sit for weeks

I knew there was going to be a period of time for the wounds to heal and life to go back to normal (it still hasn’t!), but I didn’t expect I’d be eating my lunch and watch TV on my feet – for almost two weeks after giving birth!

  • The fear of sleeping

I was so tired, yet so scared – what if something happened to my sleeping son while I was napping and I couldn’t hear him? This thought was driving me mad!

I quickly learned how unfounded this fear was – becoming a mother means acquiring instincts you’ve never had before. It includes waking up when your baby breathes even in a slightly different way! It’s exhausting, but definitely lifesaving!

  • Sweating… and I mean really sweating

Most well-informed pregnant women will know all about this – I wasn’t one of them! The amount of water that my body got rid of was insane! It lasted for almost a full week, too!

  • I was able to put my socks on again

No joke – this was one of the strangest postpartum feelings ever! I had completely forgotten what it was like before pregnancy, when I still put all my socks and shoes on myself!

  • I felt like my life has meaning for the first time

I loved my life before our son was born. It was fun, dynamic and vibrant. I expected I’d be a bit sad about it once he was here. However, in the first few days, I was able to switch to mom mode completely – and fall in love with that little being. Over time, I developed some fleeting feelings of melancholy when life got hard, but postpartum was filled with love and joy that pushed everything else out of the picture!

What shocked you the most about your postpartum experience? Write in the comments!

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