Free Ways To Support Your Favorite Blogger

Whenever you search anything on Google, the links you click on are in most cases someone’s blogs. Did you know that, by the very act of landing on their page, you’re supporting them? Your entry counts towards their revenue from ads you see and it helps them rank up in Google even more. Sure, most of those businesses look like they couldn’t benefit from your support, but that’s not true.

There are plenty of free ways for you to support your favorite small business (blog = business!) without you even realizing. I’m sure you want to keep having some of the amazing websites around – maybe even this one!

Visit their website – without an AdBlocker, if you can!

Sure, ads are annoying – but it’s a way for us to make a living. Internet is free to use, and for great content to be up, someone has to earn enough money to be able to write full-time. For you, it’s a matter of small inconvenience, but for a blogger, it means a lot to get that percentage of income from as many people as possible!

Follow their social media profiles

If you’re active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, you can probably find your favorite blogger on them, too. It’s important to realize that real people are behind every blog post – growing their audience is one of the best ways to keep the business afloat. Leave a follow and receive the content you like anyway – on your favorite social media platforms!

Interact on social media – like, share, retweet & comment!

Every time you interact with your favorite content, it moves up or pops out on someone else’s feed. Don’t be a passive viewer – your support is always regarded and highly appreciated! And if it’s the good stuff you’re sharing with others – it doesn’t even feel like you’re promoting anyone! You’re making your own feed look better by having useful content on it!

Sign up to their newsletter

This is such an amazing way to help a blogger grow their audience, and let them share useful content directly with you. It’s a win-win for everyone! They’re growing their business, and you get some amazing, free goodies. Never miss out on the good stuff again and sign up!

You can join my own mailing list here:


If you know someone whose content you like, the best support you can give them is to spread the word. Tell your friends about them, recommend their posts, find ways to let others know about them. Remember – every bit of support goes towards them staying afloat in the noisy world full of other content creators. Help them stand out!

Leave comments on their blog posts

Reading and getting free, useful information is great – did you know you can help the content reach more people by commenting directly on the blog post? It gives the post more credibility, and other people reading it are more likely to post something, too. If you see zero comments on a great article, don’t shy away from being the first one to say “great stuff! thanks!”.

Send private messages full of encouragement

Bloggers are human too – which means they have all the real emotions. Sometimes we feel motivated and creative, and we turn that into energy to produce new content. From time to time, we feel overwhelmed, worried and full of doubt. Send your favorite blogger a message and tell them what you like about their work! Bloggers write for other people – not for themselves – that’s why it’s great to hear the stuff they’re doing serves a purpose!

Who’s your favorite blogger? Let me know in the comments – shout them out and tell me why you love their content!

If you enjoy my work and would like to take it a step further by supporting me (read: help me create more content in greater quality without worrying about my fridge stash!), consider pledging on my Patreon – and receive fantastic goodies.

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