Essentials You Actually Need When Bringing Baby Home

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One of the most exciting moments in the first week of your baby’s life is definitely bringing that little nugget home! That’s when your parenting journey truly begins – in the lovely solitude of your home (hopefully, you’re getting all the privacy you deserve, without too many family members trying to push their way in)!

I’ve been seeing so much information on what you need to have in your home the moment your baby’s home. I’m not talking about everything else you can get in the next couple of days, hours, or on-demand. It’s time to break some myths and talk about the essentials: what are the only things you absolutely need to have on-hand, regardless of anything?

Car seat

…because, how else are you supposed to bring your baby home from the hospital, if you don’t live across the street? Make sure that it’s approved and safe to use – also, get familiar with the proper way to strap your baby and safely snap it into a base!

Feeding essentials

This includes:

  • breastfeeding equipment: nursing bra, pads, nipple shields if you use them
  • pumping equipment: pump and pumping/nursing bra
  • formula
  • burp cloths
  • bottles, sterilizers…

Whichever way you decide to feed your baby, make sure to have all the proper equipment ready for your first feeding at home (which could happen very quickly upon arrival!).

Diapers, wipes and cream

They’re the only things you actually need for changing your baby. If you want, you can get a diaper bag, changing mat and all the stuff that will make your life easier – but for the first diaper changes that you can do anywhere, all you need is the actual diaper to put on your baby – as well as some wipes and cream to prevent the rash!

Crib, co-sleeper or a bassinet

Whichever one you choose, it’s okay – but make sure they’re safe to use. Your newborn needs great quality when it comes to sleep time – they’ll be doing a lot of it!


There’s no need to go overboard – newborns grow super quickly. However, have a couple of everything your little one will need according to the season. Most importantly, have some footed pj’s (or a swaddle blanket) for your baby to sleep in!


This goes against many rules (“Don’t use the paci’s in the first two weeks, you’ll ruin breastfeeding!” and so on), but trust me on this…

When a newborn comes home from the hospital and won’t stop screaming in the crib, leaving both you and your partner clueless and exhausted… You may be lucky enough to have a husband who smuggled a pacifier when you were shopping for the baby… He just might get out of bed on that first night and put the magical device in your baby’s mouth, buying you a couple of hours of sleep.

Mine did it, and I loved him for it.

Just in case, be ready – and have a stash. Just in case.

A present from the baby – for the older siblings

This is their day, too – they shouldn’t feel forgotten and invisible. Make sure to get something for them from the baby – it’s so important to help them accept the little stranger as a family member on the first day!

Things you’ll need soon – but you can get them in the next couple of hours/days:

  • nail clippers
  • thermometer
  • other medical supplies
  • bath time equipment
  • diaper bag
  • stroller
  • nursing pillow

As a bonus, I recorded a video about five areas of your life you can save money in, while raising your child on a budget. It will be super helpful in the weeks and months to come – you’ll love it!

Which essential items have I left out from the list? Let me know in the comments!

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