10 Things To Do If Your Baby Falls Off The Bed

I know, I know – nobody likes to think about it, and even less people want to talk about it… unless it happens.

What if it happens, though? Don’t we need to be ready for it and know exactly how to react?

Of course we do.

Just know that you’re not the first or last to go through this – I, personally, don’t know a child who hasn’t fallen off the bed at least once. My son did, too, and he’s as well as he can be! Your little one will be, too – babies are somehow made to survive clumsy parents! They’re tougher than we give them credit for.

However, there are some more severe injuries that could result from a fall. They include concussion, scalp injuries, skull fracture, brain and/or spine injury. This is why it’s very important to keep our children as safe as possible!

What you can do to prevent this is to never leave your baby unsupervised or unaccounted for on a high ground. When my son fell off the bed, he was sitting right next to me – but I let my thoughts wander off for a second, and first thing I knew, he was laying in front of me, screaming. Not only do you need to be there physically – you also absolutely should be present mentally! Learn from my mistake!

Just a tiny disclaimer: I am in no way a medical professional and you should not take this advice as urgent assistance. Always contact your doctor, healthcare provider or an emergency in case you have any questions! Also, the text contains quite a bit of bold and underlined words. It’s not something I usually do, but in case of emergency, it’s good to have the important words pointed out, isn’t it?

Here are the immediate steps you need to take if your baby happens to fall off the bed, sofa or any elevated surface!

  • Stay calm, do not panic and prepare to assist your child.
  • Call the ambulance if your baby seems to have lost consciousness, she’s bleeding or looks like she’s got a serious head injury. Do not pick the baby up in any of these cases! If you happen to move a baby who has injured her spine, you could cause additional severe complications. However, if your baby is in a place that’s still dangerous for her, gently move her to a safe place with as little movement as possible.
  • Call the ambulance if your baby is showing some other signs of injury. They include vomiting, blood discharge our of nose or ears, swelling of the soft spot, bruising or swelling on the head and obvious skull fracture. All of these signs can point to a head trauma, which needs to be addressed immediately. In these cases, also avoid picking your child up. The same applies if the baby seems to have broken bones, which could manifest as a deformity on the body.
  • If the baby seems to be vomiting or having a seizure, turn the baby to her side. Keep the baby’s neck straight if you’re rolling her over!
  • If the baby seems conscious and in overall good condition, pick her up and comfort her. Check her over for any injuries, bruises or any bumps on the body.
  • If the baby’s condition doesn’t improve after being consoled, it’s also a good reason to call the ambulance – at least for some advice. Call your doctor too, if you notice that your child is more fussy than usual even a few hours after injury.
  • If the baby seems to be doing okay after a couple of minutes, keep monitoring her closely for the next 24 hours and watch out for any changes!
  • Pay special attention to your baby when she goes to sleep. You may want to check if they’re able to wake up every few hours.
  • If the baby is refusing food or water, it may mean she has an abdomen injury. It can sometimes be manifested through reddish urine, but not always. If you cannot feed your baby, call your doctor.
  • Trust your instincts and make sure to have your baby examined if you suspect any consequences of the fall. Better safe than sorry!

Has it ever happened to you? Do you have any additional tips? Let me know in the comments!

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