From Bottle To Bottle: Launch Day! Free On Amazon!

Woah! Have I been gone a long time!

For me, it seems as though I haven’t had a break from blogging at all. I spent so much time writing and editing in the past month, I wonder how come I didn’t actually end up writing a single post for almost 3 weeks.

Truth be told, I most likely had time to spare – but working on my book required me to be as mentally dedicated to it as I was physically. So I stepped away from creating my usual posts, and went on to hunt for some bigger fish.

Today, I’m proudly presenting you my catch: the ever-so-long-anticipated pregnancy & parenting memoir, From Bottle To Bottle!

Yup – this beauty is now live and available on Amazon – for free! (At least the Kindle version. The paperback will still squeeze $13.00 out of your bank account – and it’s worth every penny!)

Here’s a free preview of the book to get you started!

This is a limited offer – valid only for the next 4-5 days. Make sure to grab your copy right now.

Do it. You’ll forget to click on it later. Humans are wired that way.

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