25+ Reasons To Stop Drinking – For Good

“Just one more shot and I’m done.”

“Only this weekend.”

“Today, I need to.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to stop throwing excuses at other people (and yourself)?

How is it possible that some people can quit drinking seemingly out of the blue, while others struggle for years, sometimes their whole life?

There’s only one key difference between them (apart from the state of their liver): motivation.

If you’re not feeling motivated, it’s probably because you lack proper reasons to do it. We all find a way to do something we think we must, right?

Here are some quick-and-easy solutions for you: great reasons to banish alcohol from your life – regardless of whether you’re a social sipper or a seasoned alcoholic.

  • You will have more energy when you don’t need to deal with a hangover
  • Alcohol is expensive – you’ll save tons of $$’s
  • Your face is likely to stop breaking out
  • You’ll be less anxious and agitated by ordinary things in your life
  • All the guilt you’re feeling (it’s there – I know!) will finally disappear
  • You’ll close the chapter full of blackouts, drunken decisions and late-morning apologies
  • You are likely to feel more confident
  • New opportunities for a better future will arise (or you’ll be more likely to spot them)
  • Your whole body (especially liver) will be thankful
  • Your thoughts will be more clear and defined – your brain will love this one!
  • The relationships you build with people are more likely to be successful ones
  • Other people will compliment you for your decision
  • Your lifespan will increase
  • Sex will become a better, more pleasant experience – regardless of what the movies present as the truth
  • You will be happier with your decisions
  • If you’re not way too old, you’ll look younger 🙂
  • There will be an opportunity for you to be taken seriously in your family, at workplace, and in your community overall
  • You’ll lose weight (beer is packed with calories!)
  • There will be more time for activities and hobbies you never had the time for
  • You’ll sleep a lot better
  • You are likely to change (improve!) your group of friends
  • There’s less chance to get in trouble with the authorities
  • No more missing work and important meetings due to hangover
  • You’ll be a better example for your kids, spouse, and friends
  • You will regain control over your actions
  • There will be one thing less that’s likely to kill you.

I’ve never been a full-on alcoholic – but I did spend my fair share of time partying and drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

I’ve been able to transform my life, fix my relationship (that would inevitably have fallen apart otherwise), and inspire my friends to do the same.

You’ll find more about it in my new book, From Bottle To Bottle: How I Broke Bad Habits, Changed My Lifestyle And Taught A Toddler To Eat Everything.

From June 5th to 10th, it’s totally free on Amazon – no questions asked!

Read a sample, share and get it here:

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