Momtrepreneurs: How To Deal With Lack Of Appreciation As WAHM

Getting up early every single day. Cooking all the meals, looking after kids, keeping the house in order, being a great spouse, managing family finances, side hustling during nap time and late at night, after everyone goes to bed…

Life of a stay-at-home mom is difficult enough even without working from home or starting any kind of business.

We all know it, and in theory, WAHM’s should never feel unappreciated and less valuable than other family members. Yet, they often do – but why?

Honestly, I don’t think anyone is doing it on purpose. Family members can sometimes become used to always having a cooked meal, a clean house and happy kids running around. It’s actually quite easy to take these things for granted and assign themselves more value if their own financial contribution is more significant at the moment.

If being a stay-at-home mom is hard enough, why would any mom decide to work from home or start her own business?

I can answer this from my own experience – no matter how fulfilling motherhood is, the urge to create something of my own and be more than a SAHM is stronger than any fear or doubt I may have. I simply cannot sit still and watch other people thrive, while being stuck with a mind full of ideas waiting to come to life.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to never actually face underestimation from my family members. (Whether or not it took becoming a published author to make it happen is a question for another day!) But this is a real issue in today’s world – regardless of how aware people are of the equality between genders, most of the time, they don’t act that way. Not even when they’re the ones believing there’s complete equality between women and men.

Why? Because nature has made sure of it.

No matter how successful a woman may be when it comes to her career, she’s still biologically… well, a woman. If she wishes to have a family, she is still to dedicate her whole body to the cause and embrace all that comes with it. She is still to experience the wonders of childbirth, go through recovery, breastfeeding (if she so chooses), and be – in most cases – the main caregiver of her child. Because she’s a mom, and in most cases, that’s what moms do.

No matter how equal we are in the modern world, nature has created a difference between women and men, a crucial one that can’t be overcome even with all the advances of technology we have access to.

We’re moms. And therefore, we deserve the right kind of appreciation for all that we do.

But what happens when people around us fail to recognize our efforts? How can moms who choose to work from home, while taking on all their usual responsibilities, make sure they’re seen as more than housewives – even at the very early stages of their hustle, when the money isn’t quite overflowing?

#1 Stop caring too much about other people’s opinion

It’s your life. Regardless of how hurt and misunderstood you may feel by your family and friends, it’s crucial not to completely give in to the feelings of despair. If you want to succeed at both things, it’s important to emotionally de-attach yourself to the point where you can do everything you’ve planned, without worrying about under-appreciation. These things come with time – the only way to get the respect you deserve is to show results, and for that, you need to be in the right mindset to just get to work. Regardless of everyone else.

#2 Prove them wrong

As your business starts growing, people will begin to realize you’re doing something meaningful. Right now, you know it (and I know it, because I’ve been at the beginning – just like everyone else!), but it’s hard for them to see your entrepreneurial attitude as something of real value until it becomes painfully obvious. Don’t take it too personally. That’s just how humans function. By proving to everyone you’re capable of taking care of your family, while thriving in your business, you’ll establish yourself as the figure of influence you already know you deserve to be!

#3 Don’t stretch yourself too thin

Doing everything doesn’t actually mean doing everything. It means getting the important things done – the ones that will actually create momentum and have an impact. Don’t get caught up in the “I can do it all” trap, because it will lead to burnout (I’ve been there, too. It’s not fun at all!) Make a priority list and do what actually matters!

#4 Make time for yourself

If you spend all your time working and trying to do it all, you’ll eventually lose motivation (and the actual physical power to do things) – you’ll exhaust yourself. Regardless of what needs to be done, take the time to do what you want, but don’t need to. Read a book. Play games. Watch a movie. See a friend. It’ll restart your mind and give you the fuel to keep up with your work!

#5 Surround yourself with people who support you

If your family currently isn’t as excited about your endeavors as you want them to be, this doesn’t mean you should abandon them, of course. It means finding friends and colleagues who have a similar mindset, who will encourage you and hold you accountable. Remember: most of the time, you’re only as successful as the people you surround yourself with, so pick carefully!

#6 Have a plan

Don’t simply do things just so you can say you’ve done something, and expect recognition in return. Organize your work and get the important things done – it’s the fastest way to success! Always keep track of your projects and have at least an idea of a goal you’d like to achieve. Eyes on the prize!

#7 Cut out unnecessary actions

A stay-at-home mom getting help in form of housekeeping isn’t a well-accepted idea, simply because people believe you have time to do it all, which isn’t always true. If you’re starting your own business, it makes sense to actually invest into help with housework and other things that take your valuable time. It’ll give you more premium time to grow your business and your investment will pay off faster.

#8 Don’t shy away from childcare

If you need help with children in order to grow a business, don’t feel like you have no right to do it because you’ve chosen to stay home with your family. Get a nanny to look after them for an hour or two a day if you need to, and use the time to get some valuable work done.

#9 Don’t forget to live life

Starting a business is great, but don’t forget that you already have the ultimate gift: your family, their love, and the opportunity to live a happy, fulfilled life. Focus on work, but pay attention to the things that already make your life great!

What’s the most important thing for you when it comes to building a business as a mom? Write in the comments – I can’t wait to hear your awesome ideas!

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