3 Things I Found Out Too LATE In Life (Even At The Age Of 25)

“You’re never too old to learn.” I hear this all the time, and I’m sure you do, too!

While it may have some truth in it (you’re never too old to acquire information and process it, yes), I feel like it can’t be completely taken for granted.

There are mistakes we can still make, and while we learn from them in the future, the fact that we hadn’t known about them before makes the whole knowledge kind of useless.

Yeah, you may find yourself not repeating the same mistakes because you’ve realized by now you shouldn’t.

But maybe you were never going to repeat them anyway.

So far I think I’m doing quite well when it comes to deciding what’s worth my time, energy, and money. However, I have my fair share of terrible decisions that I can’t revoke, erase, or fix in any other way than moving on and making my sweet peace with it.

Here are my top three miscalculations and mistakes I’ve made in this millennium. What are yours? Let me know in the comments – a regret-thread has a therapeutic effect sometimes!

#1 I don’t need to attend university.

Alright, this one may be super-shocking. Why would anyone regret getting higher education? Is there nothing valuable I’ve achieved or acquired during that time?

There is. I now have extensive knowledge on many devastating bacteria, stories about wild student life, and one of my very best friends because I’ve attended uni.

From today’s perspective, though, it was a waste of time overall. I’ve come to realize I have no real interest in neither biochemistry nor engineering, I’ve rekindled my passion for writing and turned it into a career, and I’ve committed myself to family life.

All the skills I’ve got today – writing, video editing, marketing – you don’t need to spend 4 years at university to learn about them. Internet today is so full of knowledge that unis literally come down to being important because of diploma.

Even people who like being taught by other speakers can use Internet’s resources, starting from the free one like YouTube, and moving towards online courses of interest and value.

Here’s the proof – even with very little Adobe Premiere knowledge, you can do these kinds of videos, and much more!

So yeah – I wish I knew how useless university will have been for my career choice. I would have had 4 more years to spend learning about all the stuff I am yet to discover!

#2 I’m not streaming on Twitch to be a streamer.

This, too, sounds pretty confusing at first.

If I’m streaming on Twitch, how come I don’t want to be a streamer?

See, here’s the thing: I want to be one – I’ve been working on this passion project for years. But a couple of years ago, I didn’t know I was supposed to be much more.

Over time, I’ve discovered the secret, magical reason for not growing my channel at the rate I would have been happy with. I wasn’t providing enough content.

Even though I used to spend 8 hours Monday to Friday streaming.

“How is that not enough content?” You may wonder, and rightfully so.

It’s quite simple: as a broadcaster of any game (or other content on Twitch), you should be aware that there’s always going to be someone

  1. with a larger following than you
  2. with more gaming skills than you
  3. with more time to stream than you

These things can easily contribute to you losing your audience like that – to all those people who have more of something.

The way to keep your viewers happy and engaged, you need more personality, more products, and more reasons for them to pick you over someone else – regardless of your following, skills and time available to broadcast.

I wish I had known this earlier – I would have never committed all my time and energy to just broadcasting.

I would have given my audience more.

I’d have given them my blog, my books, my courses, all the free content I’m now creating. I would have given them me. Because that’s something no one else can provide.

After coming to my senses, I finally know how to approach streaming – and I can give proper advice on it.

#3 Braces are to be worn, not lost.

Obviously, this is something I can still work on, but we all know the perfect time for it was about 10-15 years ago.

Back in the day, I didn’t quite understand the importance of a beautiful smile and perfect teeth. At the age of 25, as someone who does plenty of content of social media, it’s putting me in a position to accept my quirky, vampiric look and roll with the fact that my smile isn’t perfect.

Yup. The tiny fangs are there. But what can you do!

Which of these (if any) can you relate to? What are your top 3 things you found out too late in life? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “3 Things I Found Out Too LATE In Life (Even At The Age Of 25)

  1. Just anote about University….I’m 37. I have stayed at home the majority of the time with my 3 kids. I have had a part-time job that I got because I have skills and I have a 4 year degree. The degree had nothing to do with the job but the paper puts you in another category….just wanted to give you some hope that it wasn’t a complete waste. πŸ™‚ check out my blog if you want more to look forward to. I have 3 boys ages 12, 8 and 3


    1. I understand, and it’s not a waste in a way that it puts you into a certain tier that can be really important πŸ™‚ I just find it to be a waste for me because I’ve lost the passion to be employed in another person’s company and dedicated myself to entrepreneurship instead! Thanks a lot for your reply!


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