Mom’s Den Is Celebrating 100th Blog Post Today!

I feel kind of bad about it, but I only realized it’s my 100th post the moment I thought: What am I going to write about today?

I suppose that’s a good thing, though, because time seems to be flying by!

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for reading my posts, sharing them with friends and family, and giving me your own two cents in the comments. If I didn’t have all of you to support me on this journey, I don’t know if I would have had the spirits to stay as consistent!

100 may only be a number, but for me, it represents a lot more. Every single one of those posts has led me to becoming something more than who I was before writing it.

A better mom, wife, and a friend.

A published author of two books this year.

An active participant in the parenting community across my social media.

A vlogger (as if blogging wasn’t enough work!).

A returned Twitch streamer with an actual plan this time.

A better person, more self-aware, and less prone to mistakes made due to lack of research.

So thank you, readers, but also thank all of you previous blog posts – for shaping me into who I am today!

As I started blogging in February 2020, I can’t help but point out some amazing stats about my blog so far (again, all thanks to you!):

  • Total comments: 307
  • Total likes: 380
  • Total words written: 79,897 (almost a whole book!)
  • Total views: 11,730
  • Total visitors: 7,762

My top 5 viewed posts:

2,682: 10 Ways To Help Baby Go Back To Sleep

1,813: 40+ Realistic Activities For 1-Year Olds

846: Celebrating Children’s Birthday Party During Quarantine

544: Letter To My 9-Month Old Baby Boy

505: Actually Realistic Breakfast Ideas For Kids

The crowd has spoken – you really like reading about your kids (you’re in Mom’s Den after all, what else would you be doing? 🙂 )

It’s my goal to make the next 100 posts as useful and entertaining as possible, and the only thing I’m asking you to do is this:

Leave a comment and let me know what kind of content you’d like to see on Mom’s Den.

  • do you have an idea for a blog post that answers your most difficult parenting question?
  • would you like to see another type of product from me? If you’ve got a content idea for a course, freebie, class, book, or anything you’re interested in, let me know!
  • are you interested in cooperating with me, guest blogging, and/or cross-promotion?

Thank you, for helping Mom’s Den become what it is today – one of the most resourceful upcoming millennial brands! 🙂

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