3 Perfect Drinks For Gamers (That Are Less Boring Than Water!)

Alright, let’s face it – water is something all of us need, gamers or not. And while you should definitely aim towards your daily just-water-intake, sometimes drinking water only during the gaming sessions isn’t as fun as one would have hoped. There are alternatives, that can help you stay hydrated, as well as satisfy your cravings for something that actually has taste!

That doesn’t mean you should focus your attention (and money) on alcohol and energy drinks. Although they’re considered “fun” drinks, the least amount of fun happens inside of your body (and a raid group, if you show up drunk for your Heroic progression). So let’s talk about the alternatives – what’s there to drink while you’re gaming, that’s healthy, refreshing, and doesn’t require a dozen ingredients to make?

Lemon Water

No, not lemonade – and especially not the sorry excuse of a lemonade that I got introduced to upon landing on American soil (most countries around the world use actual lemons to make lemonade, which turned out to be quite a fun fact amongst my Western friends!).

Lemon water is simply water with a few drops of actual lemon (or lemon juice, pretty sure you can buy it bottled in any supermarket), just enough to give it taste, while not being too sour. If you’re on your weight loss journey, you’ll be happy to know that this drink has a major role in burning fat (I won’t get into the biochemistry of it, as much as I’d like to – in essence, it works!). It gets a whole lot better if you add ice cubes and peppermint leaves. Give it a try!

It’s refreshing, healthy, burns fat, and has a taste that tingles your senses. What more could you ask for?

Fruit Smoothie

I know how old-school this may seem, but there’s a great, big reason for that. Smoothies are incredibly refreshing, while acting as a literal vitamin bomb full of healthy sugars. I won’t be getting into what fruit you could use as that’s totally up to you, but red fruit, any kinds of berries, bananas and other tropical fruit will work just as well. (If you’d like to hear more on which potion is the best for your particular stats, let me know in the comments!)

Apart from fruit, you want to add either milk or yoghurt, depending on your preferences – and run it through your blender. Even if you’re lactose intolerant, your soymilk or anything else you may be using will work just as well. If you want to be able to drink it with a straw, go for more milk, but if you’re a spoon person and want it as a snack, yoghurt is your go-to. Ice cubs work really well here if you’re serving it as a drink, and if you’re looking to boost your cooking skill points, add some whipped cream on top of it!

They’re easy to make, and they both look and taste better than the amount of time invested!

Hot Chocolate

If you’re not into ice-cold drinks, hot chocolate is a perfect one for you that’s super easy to make at home. The antioxidant benefits of cacao and dark chocolate are incredible, and if you refrain from pouring lots of sugar into it, hot chocolate is one of the healthiest things you could make yourself. I’ve found an amazing resource full of healthy hot chocolate recipes that will definitely convince you to give it a go!

It’s time to cut the prejudice that all chocolate should be avoided. This drink is amazing!

What’s your go-to drink while gaming? I’d love to hear about it in the comments, and if you’ve got a cool recipe to share, I’d love to see it!

Happy gaming!

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