Easiest Way To Get ilvl 180 Sorrowbane, Oonar’s Arm Pet & Harvester of Sorrow Achievement

As we’re entering into the calm before the storm, it’s a good time to explore Shadowlands a bit and collect some cool stuff along the way. This time, I’ll teach you how to get a cute little severed arm pet, along with a level 180 sword called Sorrowbane, which is a kickass transmog for all your roleplaying needs.

This particular hunt requires a bit of preparation. For you to be able to acquire all the rewards at once, there needs to be a world quest up in Maldraxxus called A few bumps along the way, requiring you to defend the artillery. Before you continue, check if it’s up, and if it isn’t, come back later. From the reports I’ve seen so far, this quest happens once a week, so be on the lookout for it.

A Few Bumps Along The Way: World Quest in Maldraxxus

The first thing you need to do is fly over to Revendreth, and find Ta’tru, the Broker vendor operating over at the Night Market (north of the Wanecrypt Hill flight master). That’s the same one selling you the comfortable saddle blanket for obtaining the bloody horse mount Blanchy, but more on that in another POST. After that, check is what the currency is for the Strength of Blood potion, as it rotates weekly. Once you find out, go to the auction house (or mount your pretty dino), and buy whatever it is that the vendor is asking you to provide. Exchange that for the Strength of Blood potion which you’ll keep in your bag, and you’re good to go.

/way 51.16 78.75 Strength of Blood Vendor

Then, hop on the flight master and head over to Maldraxxus. You want to talk to the Innkeeper right next to the Theater of Pain entrance, and set your Hearthstone there. Alternatively, you can find the One-Eyed Joby near Theater of Pain, who will sell you an item called Scroll of Teleport: Theater of Pain if you don’t want to change your Hearthstone location. While you’re near the arena, it’s a good idea to enter it and see where the sword actually is, so you don’t waste any more time when you’re on the clock. Then, go ahead and check if you’ve got the East of Maldraxxus discovered, along with the Renounced Bastille flight point. If you don’t, do that first, as you’ll need to get there very quickly after the world quest is done. 

/way 53.14 41.31 Teleport Scroll Vendor

Before doing anything else, you need to buy another potion, and that one’s called Potion of Unusual Strength. You’ll get it from another broker vendor (I’m sensing a big pattern over here!), and the name’s  Au’larrynar. She’s near the Theater of Pain, where brokers gather and take bets for the Arena fights. Keep your potion in your bag, and if it’s easier for you, separate the potions from the rest of the stuff in your bags as they last a very short amount of time and you need to pretty much drink them all at the same time.

/way 53.63 47.93 Unusual Strength Potion

Then, head over to the world quest area and do two out of three requirements. Once you’ve defended two artilleries, you’ll notice that you have two stacks of the Battle Hardened buff, and from this point on, you need to get yourself into Godspeed mode. With those two buffs, hurry to the flight master right next to the World quest area, and fly to the East, over to the Renounced Bastille. From there, run to the Edible Redcap area, and it’s a good idea to enter the coordinates earlier so you can follow them faster. Also, do not log out while you have the buff, as it will disappear after the actual 10 minutes.

/way 37 47 Battle Hardened (WQ)

/way 76.44 56.72 Edible Redcaps

Once you get to the area (this is where the Deadly Dapperling rare also spawns), find those tiny red mushrooms on the ground. My advice is to do this when your server isn’t crowded, as you’re on a timer and you need to collect four mushrooms to get four stacks of this buff. If the rare is there, killing it and resuming the collecting pays off, as she’ll be bothering you. The buff is two minutes only, so as soon as you’re done collecting, go ahead and Hearthstone yourself to the Theater of Pain.

Prepare in advance and have both the flight point and the rest of the area discovered!

Upon loading, you’ll notice that you’re really slow, and that’s why you need to use all your movement abilities you have to get inside the Arena – that includes the Goblin Glider kit from the top of the stairs if you’ve got one, but it’s not mandatory. The sword is on the right side of the staircase. Once you get to it, it’s time to drink all the potions you have.

/way 51.42 48.47 Oonar’s Arm + Sorrowbane Weapon

Upon drinking all your drinks and buffing all your buffs, it’s time to click the sword. If you’re strong enough, you’ll pull the weapon out, along with a severed hand of someone who was apparently less strong than you. You’ll get a battle pet, a cool transmog, a 180 level two-hand sword if you need one, and an achievement for discovering this treasure. Pretty cool!

That’s it when it comes to getting this cool pet and transmog. If you have any questions or tips of your own, let me know in the comments. If you’re more of a visual type, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in WoW, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome WoW stuff!

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