How To Get Stonewrought Sentry Toy In Less Than 5 Minutes!

There are plenty of cool WoW secrets that we just never get to do, mostly because we’re overwhelmed by their amount (and therefore unable to pick one). This time, I’m solving that problem for you, as I’ll be showing you how to get a cool Revendreth-themed toy in a matter of minutes. This is probably one of the most fun toys you can get in the zone, as it yells a few different things to stop anyone who comes close to it from stealing its Master’s treasure – in other words, whenever anyone or anything gets close to it. Also, it’s a part of the Treasures of Revendreth achievement, so if you’re into finishing it, this toy is a must.

Apart from being a lot of fun to use, it’s also quite beautiful!

Getting this toy is pretty simple. You want to hop on your flight master and get to Revendreth. I highly suggest picking the Charred Ramparts flight point, as you’ll have the easiest time getting to the treasure from there. You should also enter the coordinates for the Discarded Anima Canister into your TomTom:

 /way 46.39 55.60

Charred Ramparts Flight Point in Revendreth

Once you’re in the tower and you’ve clicked on the empty Anima canisters, a bar will appear, requiring you to fill it up. In order to do that, you need to interact with five Silent Observer NPC’s and use the special button on them. They’re spread out all across the tower, and even though there are some hostile NPC’s there, this is completely soloable.

When you fill the bar up, go back to where you picked up the empty canisters, and interact with the door in front of you. The sentry will try to stop you, but thanks to this other special button you’ve used to get through, the secret door will open and they’ll lead you to a tiny chamber with the treasure sitting on the table. Loot it, and that’s it! Oh, and don’t Hearthstone yourself out of the room you seemingly got stuck in (unless you want to), as there’s a hidden lever on the right side of the door that you can use to open the door and walk out like you haven’t stolen anything at all.

And that’s it for this video. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more of the hidden treasure guides! If you’re more of a visual type, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in WoW, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome WoW stuff!

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