How To Get Starry Dreamfoal Pet: Quick & Easy Guide!

You can never have enough unicorn foal battle pets (if you feel like you can, then you may have landed on the wrong post!), as today I’ll show you how to get a secret battle pet – the Starry Dreamfoal. This cutie is a loot from the Cache of the Night, one of the required secrets to find in order to get the Treasures of Ardenweald achievement. Therefore, if you’re working on that one, you’re definitely in the right place. Oh, and if you’re a class that can wield a one-handed mace, there’s a cool Night Fae themed loot for you in here as well!

This one is simply to cute to miss out on it!

In order to get to the treasure, you’ll need to lower the barrier in front of it, and since it’s kind of made of the Drust nightmares, you’ll do that by creating a Fae Dreamcatcher. In order to do it, there are three things you need to collect, and they’re all located in Ardenweald. You can get them in any order you wish (this is just the way I did it).

The first item is the Fae Ornament, and you’ll find it in Shimmerbough. You’ll need to climb to the platforms that are connected with the long bridges, and on one of those platforms, there’s a tiny ornament that you need to pick up. The mobs here are hostile, so you’ll probably have to kill a few of them to clear the platform and find the little thing.

/way 51.57 61.61 Fae Ornament

Then, head over to the Star Lake Amphitheater, and locate the chair platform thingy in the middle of the audience. Underneath it, behind grass and bushes, there’s an Enchanted Bough. I honestly wonder how anyone was able to drop it here, but as long as I’ve gotten that cute pet thanks to them, I won’t ask too many questions, and I suppose you’re feeling the same way about it!

/way 42.41 46.72 Enchanted Bough

The final piece is at the Gossamer Cliffs, and if you’ve done any side questing in Ardenweald, you’ll recognize this as the area where you had the silk chain to do for Night Fae. You want to climb a little bit and find a platform where there’s some sort of silky curtain hanging, and click on it. You’ll get the Raw Dream Fibers, and by this point, you should have three separate green items in your bag. Right click on any of those and they’ll merge into a blue item called Fae Dreamcatcher.

/way 36.99 29.83 Raw Dream Silk

Once you have the Dreamcatcher, head over to Darkreach, and get over to the tree platform with a tiny room next to it. That’s where your Cache of the Night is, and since you’ve got the Dreamcatcher, you won’t see any barriers and will be free to enter the room and grab your little Starry Dreamfoal. If you’re a tinier race like me (mechagnomes rock!), you’ll see that this one is almost your size, and it’s really loud, so if you don’t have your Pet sounds enabled, make sure to check that in your settings so you can hear this one neigh if you’re into that. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, as you should be in for a treat when you catch this one.

/way 36.03 65.52 Cache of the Night

And that’s it! Let me know if you’ve got any questions, and if this guide has helped you get your Starry Dreamfoal, tell me about it in the comments. If you’re more of a visual type, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in WoW, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome WoW stuff!

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