Demonology Warlock: Simple Talents Guide!

With some of the recent buffs to Legendaries and spells, Demonology Warlock is becoming a more viable option for both Mythic+ and Raiding. However, being so dependent upon the talent choice makes it difficult to play optimally if you don’t know what to pick. In this post, I’m sharing the talent builds you should be using for Raiding, Mythic+, Mythic+ with the Wilfred’s Superior Summoning legendary for the dog build, as well as the build for questing and open world.

About Shadowlands Talent Tree

When it comes to the talent tree, due to the level squish, we still have the choice of talents up until level 50, just like it was before Shadowlands. Of course, you have some additional covenant abilities to play around with, so you don’t have to worry about everything feeling less powerful, even though we haven’t gotten any new talents on levels 55 and 60.

Bear in mind that even though I recommend a lot of these talents as the only ones, your circumstances while questing and doing dungeons may be different, and you may have to pick something that suits you more! Also, this is a guide that’s super beginner-friendly, so if you’re looking for more situational talent picks, I suggest you research that further.

Talent Addons

Before you begin choosing your talents, I highly recommend you get the Talent Set Manager addon, which will allow you to save all of those pre-sets and switch between them whenever you need to.

Demonology Warlock Talents for Leveling, Questing & Open World

As per Leveling, questing, and other open-world stuff, this will be your general build, and you don’t need to have any particular Legendaries or conduits to make it work.

Your level 15 talent should be Dreadlash, as you’ll often find yourself calling out Dreadstalkers, and you want them to deal more damage to quest minion packs. 

On level 25, get the Demonic Calling, to make it easier for you to actually cast those Dreadstalkers, and your level 30 is pretty much whatever you want. You can go Burning Rush for speed, but Demon Skin is also not a bad pick as it helps your leech efficiency.

On level 35, Summon Vilefiend is definitely the one to go for, as it’s one of your most powerful cooldowns, and with a 45 second cooldown, you get to use it a lot.

On level 40, the choice is yours, but Mortal Coil is generally better if you’re short on heals and face more single target things, whereas Howl of Terror gets better for trash packs you can’t get rid of straight away.

Level 45 is for your Grimoire: Felguard. For general questing and dungeons, there’s nothing quite as good this mister, and being on a 2 minute cooldown allows you to plan for it quite nicely and pair it along with your other spells, too.

On level 50, you wanna get the Demonic consumption. Now, the text on this one is a bit awkward, as it says that your Demon Commander drains life from your demon servants to empower himself, but that actually refers to your Demonic Tyrant, who gets more powerful when summoned, which is quite nice.

Demonology Warlock Talents for M+ & Raiding

When it comes to Mythic+ and Raiding, and this applies to pretty much any legendary or conduit combination you have, the difference between this build and the leveling one isn’t all that great. The optional talents on levels 30 and 40 will depend on the dungeon you’re doing, but the only real big change will be on level 15, where you want the Demonic Strength instead of Dreadlash (unless you’re playing a dog build). So everything remains the same, but your Demonic Strength will empower your Felguard and make it deal a whole lot of damage. Just make sure you’re pairing this build with the Fel Commando potency conduit if you wanna play it right.

Demonology Warlock Talents for M+ Dog Build

There’s a particular Mythic+ build revolving around the Wilfred’s Superior Summoning legendary, and if you use that one, along with the Carnivorous Dreadstalkers potency conduit, you can play the so-called Dog build. Here, your talents and your rotation will depend largely on summoning a whole lot of demon puppies and finishing of with an Implosion.

On level 15 of the dog build, you want to go for Dreadlash, as it further empowers your Dreadstalkers, and that’s pretty much what your build is about.

On level 25, go for Demonic Calling, as your Dreadstalkers will have a chance to cost 2 Soul Shards less, making them free, and they may have no cast time, which is what you want.

On level 30, you can again choose what you want, and I personally go for Demon skin but if you feel like you need additional speed, Burning Rush is pretty good too.

On 35, and this is really important as you’re denying yourself the Vilefiend, you’re choosing From The Shadows. This talent is so cool because the Dreadbite further buffs your Shadowflame damage, and considering your Hand of Gul’Dan and Implosion are Shadowflame types of damage, that really helps your build become super powerful.

On 40, the choice is again yours and depends on your situation. You can choose Mortal Coil for more single target fear and a bit of healing, or if you’re in a Mythic+ environment, there’s Howl of Terror that can sometimes be helpful on a trash pack.

On 45, you’re making yet another difficult choice by denying yourself the Grimoire and going for the Soul Conduit, but this is important as the Shard generation is crucial for spamming Hand of Gul’dan and getting more imps. You need it to summon the Dreadstalkers if you don’t get a free proc on them, which is normally what you’re fishing for, but you’ve gotta be ready to pay for it, too.

Finally, on level 50, you’re sticking with Demonic Consumption as you still have your Tyrant and buffing him is a good deal whatever you do.

And that’s pretty much it when it comes to Demonology talents. Again, this is a super basic overview and it’ll serve you well if you’re just getting into it and aren’t looking for some specific boss fights or PvP combo builds. If you’ve got any tips or suggestions of your own, leave them in the comments, and if you’re more of a visual type, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in WoW, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome WoW stuff!

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