Demonology Warlock: Simple Talents Guide!

With some of the recent buffs to Legendaries and spells, Demonology Warlock is becoming a more viable option for both Mythic+ and Raiding. However, being so dependent upon the talent choice makes it difficult to play optimally if you don’t know what to pick. In this post, I’m sharing the talent builds you should be … Continue reading Demonology Warlock: Simple Talents Guide!

How To Get Lucy, Shadowlands Secret Battle Pet

In one of my latest posts, I showed you how to get a toy that’ll turn you into a ghost, along with some cool spectral mounts that go well with the appearance. But we’re not done yet, as you still may not have a spectral pet to go with your roleplay performance. Or maybe you … Continue reading How To Get Lucy, Shadowlands Secret Battle Pet