How to get Carpal, a secret battle pet in Maldraxxus!

If you’ve ever watched Addams Family as a kid, or you still do (and I’m not judging you!), you must have at least once wished for a hand companion. If you haven’t, that’s normal too, I guess 🙂 but I know I’ve been wanting one forever, and now, for the first time, my wishes are coming true. If you’d like to get yourself a walking, boney little thing as a pet too, you’re in the right place!

Once you obtain Carpal, you’ll get a title – the Minion of Mayhem, which used to be a really hard title to obtain, because the only other way to get it was completing the Blackrock Depths pet battle dungeon. I’m kind of baffled that Blizzard decided to give this title away simply by obtaining a pet that’s far easier to get than to win the battle, as this got plenty of people enraged by it. I’m not a big fan of taking something special away from people who worked super hard to get something in the past, only to introduce it into the game about a thousand years later, but there you go, you now get the title as well.

In order to get Carpal though, you’ll need to have a few things to get the final piece, as the pet is made of three parts. The first thing to do is to purchase the Animated Radius from the Maldraxxus Quartermaster, and you can find them either in Oribos where the other quartermasters are, or in Maldraxxus, next to the entrance to the central Arena. It costs 250 polished pet charms, just like the other covenant-related pets from the other quartermasters, but you need to do more stuff than to just buy it from the vendor in order to obtain one.

The next item you’ll need is called Animated Ulna. This is a rare reward from the Maldraxxus pet battle world quest. If you’re after this pet and you still don’t have the item, it’s a good idea to stay caught up with your Maldraxxus endeavors to make sure you don’t miss it when it pops up. All you need to do is beat the pet master, and you can do that even with a team with level 1 pets and still get the reward.

Once you have both of these items either in your bags or the bank, go over to the Theater of Pain, and then head southwest onto the Iron Trench. After that, head south into the mountain, up the road, and you’ll find a skeletal hand in the jaws of the bronze skull thingy on the ground. You can only see this when you’ve gotten the previous two items, so don’t go out there looking for it, as you won’t find anything. The hand doesn’t glow and it’s quite subtle, but your cursor will show the wheel when you hover over it. When you click on it, it’ll award you with Flexing Phalanges.

Once you’ve got all three items, combine them into one, and that’s your Carpal, the awesome, creepy little hand that, if you’re of a tiny race like me, will be almost larger than you without any buffs to it, and that’s just awesome.

 That’s mostly it when it comes to getting this pet. It may take a bit of time for the World Quest reward to pop up, but if you’re patient and have 250 polished pet charms in stock, you’re ready for Carpal. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more secret pet guides, and if you’re more of a visual type, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in WoW, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome WoW stuff!

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