A Nocturne For Heroes 2021: get your Regalia mount!

The moment so many of us have been waiting for (…and grinding the Gold Saucer while at it!) is finally upon us!

The Nocturne for Heroes 2021 event is live as of September the 13th, and will be lasting until October the 18th. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of time to get all the event’s rewards, the most prominent one being the Regalia mount, a magnificent four-seater car you really don’t want to miss out on.

The ride is gorgeous, and it can be all yours!

How to start A Nocturne For Heroes 2021 event?

In order to start the event, you’ll have to talk to Kipih Jakkya. She’s located in Ul’dah, at the Steps of Nald, at  (X:8.5, Y:9.7).. In order to start the quest called “The Man in Black”, you’ll need to level your Disciple of War or Magic (your main job) to 50, as well as complete the main scenario quest “The Ultima Weapon” at the end of “A Realm Reborn”. When you complete the first quest and get fingerless gloves as a reward, you’ll unlock the next quest called “In the Dark of Night”, awarding you with black pants, and then all you need to do is complete the third quest called “Messenger of the Winds”, awarding you with a cool jacket and a pair of boots.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you, as it’s quite good even if you don’t really know anything about Final Fantasy XV, which is what this crossover event is about. The questline is a must if you want to be able to purchase the rewards, but this chain also rewards you with a badass glamour set consisting of four parts: boots, pants, jacket and fingerless gloves. This set is suitable for both genders, and the pieces are dyeable, in case you don’t favor the black, punkish look.

In case you’ve already completed these quests before, but for some reason you’d like to go through them again, you can do so by speaking to Kipih Jakkya again to make use of the Seasonal Event Replay option. However, if you choose to replay the story and don’t complete it, the vendors will remain locked for you until you’ve finished the questline, so be wary of that if you haven’t bought everything you wanted just yet.

Keeping your eyes on the prize during this questline isn’t a silly thing to do at all!

“Like Clockwork” FATE

One of the key features of this questline is the seasonal Fate called “Like Clockwork” in Central Thanalan, which you’ll want to complete multiple times if you want to obtain all the rewards. You’ll be brought to this FATE as you’re going through the questline, but it’s a good idea to stick around until you’ve obtained six pieces of Unidentified Magitek, as you’ll need that much to purchase six Orchestrion Rolls from the Ironworks Hand. You can find the vendor just near the Black Brush Station Aetheryte. This doesn’t take a very long time as the FATE respawns rather quickly, and those songs are pretty sweet to have in your jukebox.

Gold Saucer event rewards

Upon completion of the event questline, and you’ll know you have if you’ve gotten the “Brother from another Mothercrystal” achievement, the Kingsglaive title, and the overall four pieces of glamour, you should be on your way to Gold Saucer to pick up the rest of the rewards. There will be a vendor called Ironworks Vendor in the Entrance square, with three items that you really want to get for this event.

He’s about to sell you some awesome goodies!

The first one is the Regalia Type-G Ttitle mount, which costs a whopping 200k MGP, and rightfully so. She is a beast, and we don’t really know if we’ll see her as an in-game reward ever again, so for all we know, this is your one chance to get the mount. Five weeks is a long time for all the Gold Saucer activities, so if you can’t afford the ride just yet, you’ll wanna get right on that.

Start farming your MGP’s ASAP!

The second reward is the Noctis Lucis Caleum card, and if you’re a Triple Triad enthusiast, you better not be missing out on this card. It’s a 5-star legendary card with amazing stats, so 10k MGP shouldn’t be a big deal at all.

Finally, we’ve got the Modern Aesthetics: Lucian Locks for 20k MGP, which is your friend Lucian’s hairstyle, suitable for both male and female. If you wanna look just like him, you can even dye your hair black and with the glamour pieces you’ve gotten through the quest, you’ll look just like him!

Ironworks Vendor: A Nocturne For Heroes 2021 rewards

And that’s all there is to it when it comes to this year’s collab events. Let me know in the comments if you’ve gotten your own mount this year, and if you’re more of a visual type, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in the game, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome FFXIV stuff!

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