25+ FFXIV Websites You NEED To Know About!

The number of useful FFXIV websites and resources is growing by the day, which is why I decided to share some of the most useful links I’ve been either using or bumping into. These websites don’t endorse me in any way, I just think they’re cool and useful; however, there is a little disclaimer I need to throw in. I can’t go on record and guarantee the legitimacy of every single one on the list, so if you decide to use any of them, do it with a common sense, and if you end up on any website that’s asking you for your personal info, passwords or anything like that, definitely don’t go ahead and type those in unless they’re verified sources you trust!

Eorzea Collection

Eorzea Collection is all about Final Fantasy XIV glamour, the true end-game. You can go through all the different filters and settings to find glamours for all the genders, levels, jobs, with a certain level, most liked glamour sets and everything in between. If you don’t buy items off the MogStation, you can even exclude uploaded sets that contain any of the paid-with-money items. When you’re logged in, you also get to save your favorite glamour sets to look at later. Apart from glamours uploaded by others, you can also filter through all the gear sets in the game, see what they look like, and decide if those are what you’re looking out to get!

FFXIV Official Blog

FFXIV Official Blog is where you’ll find a bunch of news on the current in-game events, and access to other FFXIV-related news. I use this one a lot when I’m checking if a new event is live or going live in-game, and I’ve been loving it!

 Salted FFXIV

 Salted FIX is such a terrific website where you get to learn all about your jobs, spells, rotations – and there’s even a gearing guide section for your endgame. You can also find guides for different encounters on various difficulties with both video and text guides, so definitely check out that one if you’re looking to raid optimally. 


AkhMorning is a terrific website if you’re playing a caster. I personally don’t, not yet at least, but if you’re a Black Mage, a Red Mage, or a Summoner, you’ll find this site very useful. There’s even a streamer’s page where you can find some cool content creators to watch, and they have plenty of other mini-guides to spend time checking out in the meantime. If you’re a Twitch streamer, there’s a form you can fill out and be featured on their website as well!

FFXIV Collect

FFXIV Collect is one of my newest addictions. In here, you can search for your character and track pretty much everything you have once you’ve logged in with your Discord profile. It tracks your mounts, minions, achievements, hairstyles, orchestrion rolls and a lot more. Not only will you know what and how much you’ve already got, but there’s info on how to obtain every one of the things in the game and how rare they are, so if you’re a collector, this resource is a must.

Apart from the collectibles I mentioned, there’s even a Triple Triad card tracker where you can manually select all the cards you’ve collected, and the info on how to get the rest is also handily written out!


GarlandTools is a website mostly for Crafters, Gatherers and Fishers.

 Garland Data is a big database that you can search for anything in the game. When you search for something in particular, it’ll show you which Crafter can make it, what you need to craft it, and you can even create a New Group for things that you want to craft. You can also check out which things got added in the latest patch, if that’s something you’re interested in.

In the Garland Bell section, you can see all the gathering timers. It’s awesome to be able to check the timers of items that you’d like to collect. If they’re green, that means they’re up, so you can go ahead and get them. There’s also a map showing you where they are and at what time they spawn. If something you’ve been targeting for a long time is up, you can even set up a notification bell to let you know it’s there, which is quite convenient! 

In FFXIV Fisher, it shows you all sorts of fish, what bait you need for them, and where to catch them. 

FFXIV Gamerscape

 FFXIV Gamerscape is a cool website for pretty much any kind of guide you’re looking for, like guides for sprouts,  different Items, Quests, Duties, Logs and all sorts of activities. The good thing is that this resource is always up to date and super reliable! 

FFXIV Angler

Another cool website for fellow Fishers is the FFXIV Angler. In here, you’ll find tons of info on where to catch fish, what kind of bait you need, and more. There’s even a map that does a very good job at showing you where to go, you can look at the photos of where exactly you need to stand, and everything else that can be fished in that location. If you’re using an Ad blocker on your browser, though, only the mobile version of the website with some limitations is available, so consider that if it’s a deal-breaker for you.


FFXIV Timer is really the simplest of all these websites, but it’s really handy as a reminder for when some content pieces are expiring or running out, and it’s based on your computer’s timezone. You’ll find info on all the current events and how long they’re gonna be up for, including some of the in-game resets. You can find all this in the game as well, in the Timer menu, but if you only need the time estimate, it’s a good place to go to.  

FFXIV Housing

 FFXIV Housing website is a goldmine for everyone fortunate enough to have a house. You can see all the furniture pieces in the pictures, just the way they look in the game, which is a lot better than the way furniture items are presented in your inventory or at the vendors… without a preview. When you click on a piece of furniture, it’ll show you the related furniture as well, so you can make your house look as awesome as possible! 


Lodestone is the official Square Enix website for Final Fantasy XIV, with an astonishing amount of information, the option for you to log in and see all your character’s info, as well as easily access all the other FFXIV-related websites and services. It’s something pretty much everyone knows about, but it simply has to make it to the list because of how diverse and well-maintained it is… regardless of its 2011 kind of look and feel when you stumble upon it.


This is another great website with timers for when things are going to be available to gather, and it’s super easy to set up notifications for them so you don’t miss out on your mats.

Console Game Wiki

The Console Game Wiki for FFXIV is kind of similar to Gamerscape in its purpose. It’s full of guides, in-game information, news and updates, and overall great for teaching you about the game.


If you’re more of an oldschool forum kind of person, BlueGARTR FFXIV section might be for you. There are a lot of cool topics to discuss, from what I’ve seen, the place is alive and really takes you back to the days of socializing through fan forums. I haven’t been too active on there yet, but I might give it a try as I, too, had my forum way long ago. It failed spectacularly, unlike this one, but that’s a story for another day!


If you like forums, but would prefer an official Square Enix one, you can hop into this place. There are a bunch of useful topics, and it has English, Japanese, French and German sections, which is great, as more people can both ask questions and provide feedback within their communities.

FFXIV Roleplayers forum

If you’re a roleplay person, there’s a home for you too, and that’s the FFXIV Roleplayers forum. In here, you can find the community events information, and a place to link your own Free Company within the community. It looks like a lot of fun and I can see myself poking through it!

FFXIV Reddit

This might be needlessly obvious, but FFXIV Reddit is actually a terrific source of information. The non-toxicity of the community allows the Hot page to usually be filled with both useful and beautiful things, and searching through reddit topics in your browser will more often than not give you the quick and easy answers for all your questions!

 The Balance

This is not a website per se, but it is a terrific Discord channel with all sorts of information on how to play your jobs, and it’s packed with people who know answers to a lot of your questions. If you’re more of a Discord person, I highly recommend popping in here!

FFXIV Card Generator

This website is a cool little feature you can use to create your character’s ID card. All you need to do is upload your character’s screenshot, select your main job and provide the Lodestone link of your character’s profile. And voila, a cool little image that does absolutely nothing, yet is cool to have!

FFXIV Gardening

A cool little website for everyone who enjoys Gardening in FFXIV is definitely the way to go. I don’t know too much about gardening, but there seems to be a lot of guides and directions on what to do with your seeds, so if you’re into this, you’ll know a lot more about how gardening works than me and will make use of this resource accordingly!


If you’re a completionist with a strong love for checklists, XIV To Do is a great place for you. By linking your Lodestone profile link, you get to see all your completed and unfinished projects in FFXIV, and you can blur out the spoilers as your Lodestone knows where you’re at in the story. The best feature of this website is by far the daily and weekly checklist of all the things you could be doing before the reset, so if you’re any sort of a minmaxer, you are going to love this!

XIV Status

XIV Status is where you can see all the statuses of all the Worlds and Datacenters in all the regions. This is useful if you want to create a new character on a particular World and you’re camping the spot!

Lulu’s Tools

Lulu’s Tools is actually a group of tools rather than a single one, but if you’d like to calculate your Mini Cactpot, the odds for your Wondrous Tails, generate race names, and do all kinds of stuff, you should definitely check out this bundle of joy! There’s also the Skywatcher tool that shows the weather in all corners of Eorzea, which is so nice to have.

FF Logs

If you’re an FFXIV raider or you’d like to be, FF logs will be of use to you, as that’s where you can upload and analyze your logs to help you improve your gameplay and your group’s progress. I don’t personally do this and I don’t know if I ever will raid on this level, but it’s good to know that it’s there!

FFXIV Squadron

If you’re trying to level your Squadron team, you’re gonna love this little thing, as you get to enter all your missions’ settings and figure out what to do with your team, if you should even be sending them on some missions, and much more. There’s also a full guide on how to do it right on the page, so if this is your thing, knock yourself out!


If you’d like to get yourself into FFXIV Macros, this website is a good place to start, as it has a bunch of different macros for crafting, gathering, combat, and fun! I’m not very much into this just yet so use these on your personal responsibility. They’re not mine and I don’t endorse them, but they are there if you’re feeling like improving your gameplay in any way you choose!

And that’s pretty much it when it comes to all the FFXIV resources I could think of. Let me know in the comments if you’ve got any ones you love to use! If you’re more of a visual person, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in-game, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome FFXIV stuff!

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