Everything there is to do in Endwalker 6.1!

After the new patch hype has settled a bit, you might be finding yourself logging into FFXIV with a less than clear idea of what you could be doing in-game until the next update. In this post, I’m going over all the new things you may or may not have known about, that might help you pick your next thing to go towards.

Endwalker 6.1 – everything there is to do!

If you’re still new to the 6.1 patch, finishing up with the 6.1 MSQ is definitely worth your time and effort, as you’ll not only be progressing with the story, but will gain access to the new endgame dungeon – the Alzadaal’s Legacy, which is a lot of fun. 

In case you haven’t done the new Alliance raid, Aglaia is there, waiting for you to unlock a terrific story and bosses that will take your breath away. This story was, to me at least, better and more engaging than any of the other intros for the Alliance raids, and is worth going through even if you’re not interested in the weekly lockouts.

For anyone on the more high-end, the new Extreme trial – The Endsinger – is there to sink hours into, especially if you’re after the 595 ilvl weapon and the lynx mount. Even though the fight is long and quite challenging, you get two tokens per clear, requiring you to only kill Endsinger 50 times if you’re after the mount and are unlucky enough to not have it drop to you – so it’ll definitely take a while to complete this!

Speaking of high-end, there’s also the new Ultimate raid, the Dragonsong’s Reprise. If you’re that kind of player, I’m assuming you already know everything that might be in this post and more, but as it’s new content, I can’t not bring it up. The new Ultimate weapons look glorious, and in case you’re looking for a nerve-wrecking activity that’ll burn weeks and weeks of your time, well… all I can say is – good luck!

The new Unreal trial, Ultima’s Bane, is another cool weekly lockout-type thing you can do. The fight itself isn’t long and is definitely easier than the current Extreme trials, but it might take some time to learn (or re-learn) the strats to beat Ultima. If you’re after those badass mounts, including the Troll introduced in 6.1, this is something you should be focusing on!

If you’re up for challenging content that isn’t breaking your kneecaps, but still keeps you on your toes, the Pandaemonium Savage is still active endgame content, and if you’ve never done Savage before or are looking to get into it, there’s no time like the present. Having recently started on my Savage journey, I’m honestly starting to wonder why it took me so long to get rid of Party Finder anxiety, as the content is fun and definitely not as hard as people make it sound – especially not now that a lot of people are overgeared for it!

If you’re after the true endgame content, trying to get yourself an Empyreum house might just be the thing for you to do. Regardless of all the housing issues at the beginning of the patch, getting yourself a house in Ishgard is a very prestigious thing to do these days, so be ready to do some gold grinding if you need to!

Presentation is 50% of how good of a player you are, right? Well, in case you truly want to be considered a great player, having a carefully crafted Adventurer plate is something you may wanna focus on. Apart from all the customization options you already have, you could be going after the other Frames, mostly through PvP series leveling and Wolves’ Den vendors, if that’s something you’re into.

Crystalline Conflict is a rabbit hole that’s very hard to get yourself out of once you get hooked (and it’s so easy to forget about everything else you should be doing once you get yourself into it). If you haven’t tried the new PvP mode yet, you should definitely consider it, especially if you’d like to reap all those GARO event rewards, as the event is still active!

The Unending Codex is an underrated feature of this patch, but if you’re a lore geek, it’s such a cool thing to go through it. As you’re unlocking the story, make sure to check it out from time to time, as bits of lore about all the characters you meet will become available in your Codex, that you can access anytime!

If you’re a collector, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re already doing most of the new content to get those cool new mounts, minions, armor and whatnot – but in case you’re not familiar with everything you can obtain in the new patch, I’ve made a series of videos that go over every new available collectable in the 6.1 that you can enjoy!

Giving up on the MSQ roulette used to be understandable considering the amount of time you needed to complete it, but not anymore, as the Duty Roulette for it has been reworked, yielding massive experience for way less time required to complete it. If you’re still skeptical about it, but have unfinished business with leveling your alt jobs, maybe it’s time to give it a go again and put yourself back on the road of speed leveling!

Dreamfitting is something you can also do if you’re finding yourself craving for new outfits from the MogStation. You can now try on everything that’s available in the store, without having to guess how a piece of armor will look on your catgirl based on a random picture of a Roegadyn wearing it over at the website.

 If you feel like reliving your Endwalker MSQ moments – and I can’t blame you if you do – even with all the emotional trauma available and ready to be re-consumed, you can now do that through New Game+. Editing my MSQ footage has in a way gotten me through the story twice, but I wish I had the time these days to run through it again. If you do have that kind of time, knock yourself out!

If you’ve been doing your Endwalker role quests, you can now enjoy the conclusion of the story through the Master Role quest that wraps them up quite wonderfully. If this is something that you feel requires too much time and effort to complete, you can watch the full playthrough of the Master Role questline here!

There are things that aren’t available to us just yet, but are planned for some of the mini-patches in the near future. Tataru’s Grand Endeavor storyline, Omega: Beyond the Rift quests, more Hildibrand adventures, Arkasodara Tribal Quests, Ameliance Custom Deliveries, as well as Data Center travel are all going to be available soon, so keep it in mind if you’re looking to come back to the game, or looking for the reason to stay subbed for the next couple of months.

Some additional things that have made it to my to-do lists, but have been around forever, include things like daily and weekly hunts, leveling squadrons, completing the weekly Wondrous Tails, entering Gold Saucer tournaments, doing the Free Company workshop stuff, doing Fashion Reports and Jumbo Cactpot, crafting for the daily grand company turn-ins, gardening, working on the Blue Mage encounters and spell collecting, Palace of the Dead grinds, Treasure maps, job and side quests, relic grinds, retainers and so much more. I’m pretty sure you know and/or do most of this already, but if you’re a new or returning player, it might serve as a good reminder of what else is around to spend time on. 

And that’s all I’ve got for you today. Like I said, you probably know most of these things by now, but if you’re looking for some inspiration on what to do, I’m sure you’ve been reminded of at least one thing that got you excited. If you have other suggestions on what to do in-game, drop them in the comments, and if you’re more of a visual person, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in-game, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome FFXIV stuff!

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