9 Easy To Get Emotes In FFXIV!

We all know that emotes in FFXIV are pretty much endgame, and in case you didn’t know that, you’ve probably got some catching up to do. In this post, I’m going over 9 super easy to get emotes that require very little time, gil, or easy prerequisites that I hope you’ll enjoy!

The first emote is Throw, which enables you to throw something at a person, but if you’re in the snow, it hurls an actual snowball towards your target. To get the Throw emote you need to talk to Maucolyn in Coerthas Central Highlands and accept the quest called Toss Fit Workout. This quest will only ask you to talk to a NPC nearby and you’ll have your new emote.

The second emote is the Lali-Ho emote, which you’ll unlock in Kholusia as a blue quest. The chain starts with the quest called Almost a Friend, followed by A Practiced Greeting, and finally, Learning to Lali-Ho will enable you to do this cute emote. However, in order for the quest to unlock, you’ll need to have completed the Meet The Tholls quest in the Shadowbringers MSQ!

The next one is Aback, purchasable over at Kasumi in the Gold Saucer for only 5000 Gil, rather than MGP, which is kinda helpful if you’re saving your MGP for mounts and other stuff.

Then we’ve got Tomestone, which you’ll unlock simply by downloading the FFXIV Companion App on your phone.

If you have a buddy who’s into FFXIV and you wish to recruit them, doing so will earn you the Fist Bump emote. Looks kinda silly when you do it alone, but if you find someone who’s also recruited a friend, you can do it together and it’ll actually look cool!

The next one is, oh and beware of this one as it’s a Heavensward spoiler – it’s called Haurchefant, and even though this is kind of a lengthy questline if you happen to read it all, it’ll take you on a pretty satisfying emotional journey of reminiscing some important Heavensward events. The first quest you’ll need to take is called The Paths We Walk inside of the Fortemps manor from the House Fortemps Manservant, followed by The Oaths We Swear, The Legacies We Leave, The Triumphs We Share, and finally, The Burdens We Bear.

Then, we’ve got the Ball Dance, and in order to unlock it, you need to go over to Ul’dah in the Steps of Nald and do a cute sidequest called Help Me, Lord of the Dance and help a kitty cat start off with a better life for herself.

Another dance is the Harvest Dance, and for that, you’ll go to New Gridania and do the quest Saw That One Coming. It’s also a short and sweet side quest that shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete, and you get to pretty much summon rain with this emote!

And finally, there’s the Step Dance, for which you’ll need to go over to Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks and finish the sidequest Good For What Ales you. Just like the previous dances, this one is also easily obtainable and will add a cool emote to your collection!

And that’s pretty much it for now. What are some other easy to obtain ones that you know of but I missed out on mentioning them? Let me know in the comments, and if you’re more of a visual person, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in-game, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome FFXIV stuff!

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