Everything to do in Endwalker 6.2: Buried Memory!

The new patch is finally here, and there is so much to do to keep you occupied for a very long time. In this post, I’m quickly going over all the activities available to you and some things you should do ASAP, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by extensive patch notes and don’t know what to start with first – here we go!

First and foremost, there’s a new MSQ chapter waiting for you in Radz-at-Han, and it’s a requirement for a lot of the future activities, so it’s probably a good idea to start with that. As you’re going through it, you’ll experience the new dungeon and trial on Normal mode, so do that first to be able to unlock the Extreme trial if you so choose.

My next personal favorite is the second wing of Pandaemonium, the Abyssos, starting off in Labyrinthos. The story is incredible, and in my humble opinion, it’s one of the best Normal raid wings released of all time. As per the Savage version of Abyssos, it’s not available just yet, but it will be on Tuesday, August the 30th, so be sure to get ready for it. To enter the Fifth Circle, you need ilvl 600 or above, 605 for the Sixth Circle, and 610 for the Seventh and Eighth Circle.

Tataru is back with another chapter of her Grand Endeavor, and the continuation of the quest is waiting for you in Old Sharlayan. If you’ve completed the first one, see what she’s been up to and continue the story! For this one to unlock though, you have to go through the 6.2 MSQ, so do that first if you don’t see Tataru’s quest popping up. Oh, and if you happened to miss out on Heavensward Alliance raid experience, you should be getting that done, as it’s one of the requirements to finish up Tataru’s questline this patch.

If you still have to complete the 6.2 MSQ, I don’t advise going here as you’ll probably get lost forever, but Island Sanctuary awaits you and it’s as good as advertised! You’ll unlock it in Old Sharlayan, and in case you can’t find the level 1 blue quest, you most likely haven’t completed the Endwalker 6.0 storyline, which is the requirement, so do that first. There’s also a whole new section in the Challenge Log that relates to Island Sanctuaries, if you’re into that.

Ultima’s Bane is no longer the Unreal trial, as it was replaced by Containment Bay S1T7. If you’re after the rewards from Faux Hollows, be sure to experience this trial on Unreal difficulty and collect your precious Leaves!

If you go to Character Configuration, and then Display, you can choose to enable the recast time on your action buttons. If you happen to be an ex-WoW player, for example, you’ll find that this is a great relief as that’s what we’re used to, and it might help you do better in battle regardless of whether you’ve already played a game that handles this similarly or not!

The Series 2 in PvP begins, and this one is even more worth participating in, as the reward system has gotten a huge upgrade. Apart from the glam and portrait frames, you will now get two minions and a gorgeous mount as a final reward for reaching Series level 25, so if you’d like to add a vicious red dragon to your collection, it’s time to go back to doing Crystalline! Oh, and Rival Wings have become available again, in case you want to try something old, but new!

Adventurer Plates are now officially released, so it’s time to go back and create your plate once more – this time, for real. If you’ve linked your previous Portrait to a gear set, you’ll still be able to use it, but if not, it’s time to take a picture again and craft your plate!

If you’ve been living under a tiny rock and you happen to be a glam enthusiast, you may not know the glam dresser space has been expanded from 400 to 800, so if you’ve got your gorgeous glams piled up in Retainer Inventory or the Saddlebag, now is a good time to take it out and put it where it rightfully belongs!

When it comes to your currencies, keep in mind that you should be exchanging your Tomestones of Aphorism for Tomestones of Astronomy, and you can do that in Mor Dhona at Auriana’s shop.

You should also attune to the new aethernet shard in Radz-at-Han. It’s called The High Crucible of Al-Kimiya, and it’s probably going to be related to the relic questing area, so make sure you do that.

There are new Master Recipe books available, the X series, so if you’re a crafter, you’re going to want to get your books ASAP and make some mad profit at the Market Board. You can exchange your scrips in Radz-at-Han, over at the Scrip Exchange vendor. 

If you happen to want to gear up, capping the new Tomestones of Casuality is a good idea, as it’s your direct road to 620 ilvl pieces.

If you’re a treasure hunter, the new material drops are available from Kumbirashkin Maps, so gather your friends or strangers and go farming. If you happen to have those maps on you, their price is rising at the Market Board, so the next few days would be a good time to sell them. 

In case you’ve been looking for a reason to go back to Extreme Trials 1 and 2 of Endwalker, now is a good time to do that, as the Lynx mount drops have been increased, so hopefully you get yourself one of those. You can also purchase them for 99 Totems if you have those ready to go and were unlucky enough to loot them on your first 99 attempts. I feel the pain!

Finally, there are plenty of new rewards for you to check out over at the Gold Saucer, the Bicolor Gemstone vendors, Wondrous Tails rewards, Faux hollows goodies and so much more, so whenever you’ve got the currencies needed, treat yourself with something nice!

That’s pretty much all there is when it comes to the activities for 6.2. It’s a lot to take in, but this list is also pretty biased and doesn’t include older stuff you could be doing, so if you think there’s anything to add, please let me know in the comments. If you’re more of a visual person, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in-game, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome FFXIV stuff!

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