My Concerns Regarding Corona Virus

I'm not going to get into detail on things that are in the media right now. If you're trying to find research, it's literally one click away. This is based on research, as well as on personal evidence and things that happen in my city - in Novi Sad - that are beginning to worry … Continue reading My Concerns Regarding Corona Virus

This Is Why We Eat Better When We Spend Less On Food

At first, it sounds like a controversial statement. Isn't it everyone's goal to make as much money as possible, so they can improve their quality of life? Aren't less wealthy people hungry more often, or eating poor quality food more often? Essentially, you could argue that all of this makes sense. However, being on the … Continue reading This Is Why We Eat Better When We Spend Less On Food

Biggest Grocery Shopping Mistake Ever!

When I hear about these things, I usually think I’m way past this point of my life. That I’ve grown, matured and become a person who is mindful when it comes to shopping for food (or anything else, really). For a while now, I’ve been in charge of our family budget and shopping for groceries. … Continue reading Biggest Grocery Shopping Mistake Ever!