Tips On Raising A Child On A Budget

Before you get into this post, here's an update: my free 5-day course "Raising Your Child On a Budget" is now open for sign-ups! Apply here! This isn't a "crazy times are upon us" kind of post during the current COVID19 situation. (Although, yes, a lot of people have been laid off and need to … Continue reading Tips On Raising A Child On A Budget

Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Feeling Rested

Blissful mornings when everything is going great, you're rested and full of energy aren't my thing. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely am full of energy and drive. But that doesn't come from sleeping well, or sleeping long. It comes from my desire to get things done. I tried the rest thing. It wasn't … Continue reading Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Feeling Rested

Biggest Grocery Shopping Mistake Ever!

When I hear about these things, I usually think I’m way past this point of my life. That I’ve grown, matured and become a person who is mindful when it comes to shopping for food (or anything else, really). For a while now, I’ve been in charge of our family budget and shopping for groceries. … Continue reading Biggest Grocery Shopping Mistake Ever!