Shadowlands 9.0.5 Patch: Quick Survival Guide!

The 9.0.5 update has hit the live servers this week, and with that, there’s a bunch of things to cover that’ll help you keep your head above water these days. In this post, I’ll be going over everything you need to do (and know) to get through the transition into the new stage of Shadowlands.

Before you go out there…

Before you start playing in 9.0.5, if you don’t want to waste any time, you should check out what’s actually different for your spec. The covenants have been seeing some changes lately, and a lot of classes have been affected, so if you care about being in the best covenant for your activities, you wanna see what the best covenant currently is for you.

Another thing that’s seen some change recently is the Legendary recipes, and if you’ve got some Soul Ash on hand and you’re into the content that requires you to have the best one, you should check out the most recommended one for you and consider crafting it.

There are a few things you’ll want to do this week if you’re into Mythic+, too. As your Mythic+ gear can now be upgraded with Valor points, you want to complete as many of those dungeons as possible. Since Valor is one of your most important resources, you don’t want to spend it on the gear that isn’t your best choice. Ideally, you only want to do the content that brings you the best in slot gear, so commit to that, but don’t spend your Valor until the next week’s reset. In the great Vault, you’ll get Valor-upgradeable items, and they may be something you want to upgrade, so be patient this week and only commit to farming Valor. You’ll be happy to know that any difficulty of the dungeon drops the same amount of Valor, which is 135, so you can literally do any keys and still get the same amount from them.

What you won’t be able to do is upgrade your gear fully if you’ve never done the higher keys before, though, so the next thing you may want to consider is getting the Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One achievement in order to unlock the option to upgrade your gear to item level 220, if that’s something you’re interested in. Now is a good time to do that, since there are plenty of people with the same goal as you. If you don’t want that high of an upgrade and don’t feel like pushing 15’s, you can get the Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror if you complete all 10’s, and Shadowlands Keystone Explorer if you complete all 5’s.

Apart from the Mythic+ dungeons, another source of Valor points are your Callings. The Rare calling will award you with 35 Valor, whereas the Epic one is worth 50 Valor. It’s not a lot, but if you do them daily just to get gold and reputation, you’ll find them even more valuable this time around. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get one of those Paragon mounts dropping from the Caches.

Doing callings out in the open world makes a lot more sense than usual these days!

It’s a good idea to also get familiarized with where your Valor point upgrade vendor is, and you’ll find the Broker who’ll do that for you in Oribos. It’s actually the same one that upgrades the PvP gear, so if you’ve done that before, just go to the same location. these coordinates in the description that’ll take you straight to Aggressor Zo’dash:

/way 34.55 56.55

When it comes to Raiding in Castle Nathria, your higher item level Potency Conduits now drop from there, so it’s a good idea to clear the raid, or at least attempt to, for a chance to get those. Sire Denathrius will now drop the Covenant Conduit for each class, and each spec has one other potency conduit that drops from the raid, which is actually quite nice.

There are also some cool new Anima powers in Torghast, so you may be interested in exploring them. Ve’nari can now sell you the Broker Transversal Enhancer, an item that’ll allow you to teleport through Torghast, so you can have an easier time coming back there and seeing what’s new.

If you’re just leveled one of your characters to 60 and you’re wondering what’s different for you, the truth is, not much. The main ways for you to get caught up to speed are playing with friends who are willing to help you out, upgrading your covenant campaign gear with anima, killing the world boss, doing Mythic 0 dungeons, queueing LFR, engaging in unranked PvP, getting the crafted gear, doing your weekly quests and so on. If you’ve got any questions as to what you should be doing to gear up, post them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you.

That’s it when it comes to this week’s news. Are there any tips of your own you’d like to share? Let me know below!

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