FFXIV 6.25: All New Emotes, Fashion Accessories & Triple Triad Cards!

The 6.25 patch has been out for quite some time now, and it’s time to go over some cool new things you can obtain. In this guide, I’ll be going over all the new emotes, fashion accessories and Triple Triad cards you can snatch in-game, so if you haven’t been doing a lot of collecting yet and you’d like to, stay you’re in the right place!

6.25 Collectibles

When it comes to emotes, the only new one is Wow, which you can get for 9 Sil’dihn Potsherds, which is the currency you’ll collect in the Variant dungeons. Each Variant Dungeon run will reward you with three Sil’dihn Potsherds, which can be traded in at a vendor in Old Sharlayan.

Right next to Osmon, you’ll find Trisassant, the Guildship Exchange vendor, and all rewards from both Variant and Criterion Dungeons can be traded in there. If you’re not into Variant dungeons, you can also purchase the Ample Appreciation emote at the Market Board for about 250k Gil, at least on my server.

We’ve also got the Sabotender Parasol, which is a new fashion accessory available in this patch. You can get this as a random drop in the Subterrane Variant dungeon, as well as at the Market Board for about 100k Gil as it stands if you’re not into RNG runs. 

There’s also quite a bit of Triple Triad content added, and that includes Shadowcaster Zeless Gah, Thorne Knight and Gladiator of Sil’dih, all of which are obtainable from the The Sil’dihn Subterrane. There’s also Geryon the Steer that you can get from Kilfufu in U’dah, but for this one, you should complete the side quest A Key To The Past first. Finally, there’s N-7000, which you’ll get from the Omicron Tribal vendor for 6 Omicron Omnitokens.

Source: FFXIV Collect

That’s pretty much all there is when it comes to new emotes, fashion accessories and cards in the 6.25. I’ll be posting more collectible guides soon, so if you’re into that, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out!

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