How To Get Manderville Relic Weapon: Second Step [Quick & Easy Guide]

Some of you may wonder why the Step 2 for Hildibrand Relics guide is even a thing, but for the sake of this hopefully turning into a viable and satisfying activity in FFXIV, please go through this guide just to provide me some validation for existing as a content creator and let’s all pretend this is the information we need right now.

So – if you really are new to all this and don’t know why I speak in a horribly cynical manner, welcome to the guide for Hildibrand relic step 2, I suppose!

The first and most obvious step you need to complete is to finish with the new installment of Hildibrand adventures questline. Fortunately, this one is probably the most satisfying quest chain I’ve lately had the pleasure of going through, like many others, so at least there’s that. These quests are called  “The Spectacle of Inspection,” and “Generational Bonding” and you’ll find the starting quest next to Radz-at-Han Aetheryte.

Then, you’ll want to go to Gerolt in The High Crucible of Al-kimiya in Radz-at-Han to start the quest “Well-oiled” as the job you want the weapon for. After you’ve done this admittedly satisfying quest, head to Jubrunnah in the main Aetheryte plaza of Radz-at-Han and – surprise, surprise – exchange Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy for 3 Complementary Chondrites, which you’ll turn over to Gerolt in exchange for your shiny new ilvl 630 weapon. One Chondrite costs 500 tomes, so treat this as a Tomestone ATM and get yourself a relic in less than 2 days’ time even if you currently have none. 

And that’s all for this step! If you want another relic weapon for a different job, you will just need to talk to the “House Manderville Artisan” next to Gerolt and give him three more Complementary Chondrites. I will make sure to update this guide series with a hopefully more comprehensive guide on a more comprehensive quest! Massive thanks to everyone supporting the channel already and if you’d like to join them and keep the content going, you can do that here on Patreon. Enjoy 6.35, have fun and I’ll see you in my next guide. Bye bye! 

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