Is Endwalker 6.35 Worth Coming Back For?

Endwalker 6.35 has been out for quite some time now, and if you’re wondering what there is to come back to and whether it’s truly worth it, you’re in the right place!

Eureka Orthos – the new deep dungeon mode

The biggest feature of 6.35 is Eureka Orthos, the new deep dungeon for you to either queue with a group, or challenge yourself solo. For better or for worse, most of the new collectibles and achievements are directly tied to this particular piece of content, so if you’re not a fan of Palace of The Dead-like stuff, this sub-patch might not be your cup of tea afterall. If you do like this kind of thing, though, there are plenty of hours to spend in this place if you wish to get all the new loot!

Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures and Manderville Relic Weapons

Another novelty is the continuation of Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures. If you enjoy Hildibrand, you’ll be happy to know that this particular update is one of the best they’ve ever put into the game, and is definitely worth finishing.

However, if you’re in it only for the Manderville Relic weapons, I’m afraid this is not something you’ll necessarily want to come back into the game for. The requirements for Step 2 of Manderville Weapon Relics are trivial, and if you were hoping for something to grind, you might be left… underwhelmed when you realize you can get the new relic in no time even if you come back later on. On the other hand, the relics do look nice, and the weapons are currently sitting at ilvl 630, which isn’t bad for all the casual and semi-casual players who didn’t get their weapons from Savage raids.

Splendorous Tools

Splendorous Tools, which are essentially the Crafting and Gathering Relics, are another thing to work towards in 6.35, as the new step is now available. If you have a Crafter or a Gatherer at level 90 and are at least somewhat interested in this, it might be a cool thing to do, but if you’re not into it, it’s definitely something you can catch up with easily later on.

Loporrit Tribal Quests

If you’re a fan of Loporrits, this patch might be something you want to come back for, as they are back in the form of Crafting Tribal quests. These are dailies, so if you’d like to start working towards the rewards straight away, and potentially level your lvl 80 Crafters, I’d say they’re worth exploring. The quests are funky and adorable, so if you’ve got any love for the bunnies, crafting, or both, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with them.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to 6.35. Overall, if you’re a fan of these things, I’d say it’s worth exploring, but apart from the daily tribe quests, there’s nothing to immediately start on that you can’t just catch up with in no time whenever you choose to come back. It’s a fun little patch for what it is, but if you’re currently spending time doing something else, playing other games, or anticipating the 6.4 live letter on the 31st, that’s completely fine as well. Let me know your thoughts on the patch down below! Massive thanks to everyone supporting the content – if you’d like to join them and keep it going, you can do that here on Patreon. Enjoy 6.35, have fun and I’ll see you in my next guide. Bye bye!


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