Vee’s Super Biased 6.2 Review!

The 6.2 patch has been out for some two weeks now, and as I got to explore the new content, it’s time to sit down and talk about the new content and give my fully biased review as per usual. This post may contain story spoilers for the new patch, so if you haven’t done any of your 6.2 stuff, it’s probably best to read selectively or come back later!

First and foremost, we’re talking about the MSQ, and boy, did they find a way to get the story going again even after as big of an ending as Endwalker 6.0 was! The introduction of new and unexpectedly fresh characters has been more than enough to turn this chapter of the story into another masterpiece. I always admired the writer’s ability to get me attached to the characters that I’ve only just met, and I feel pretty much the same when it comes to Zero and her role in this story. The mood is gloomy, but full of dark humor as well, making this patch sit very well with me in terms of atmosphere and storytelling. Overall, I am very happy, and even though there’s a little bit of that feeling of missing out as I’ve never played FF4, FF14 is doing a very good job at creating a full, comprehensible narrative out of something that already exists in some way, shape or form!

An important part of the MSQ experience is of course the new dungeon, The Fell Court of Troia. I don’t normally do my daily experts and I know everyone’s gonna have an opinion about that, but this particular dungeon has me not minding them at all. The boss mechanics are fresh and interesting, which is becoming one of Endwalker’s best features as the expansion unfolds, as we’ve gotten a super unique experience in every Endwalker dungeon so far. The gear set from The Fell Court is gorgeous and worth getting at least as a glam piece for almost all jobs, and the story around the dungeon is just so good.

However, there is something that takes the cake and all the candles when it comes to story, boss mechanics, and especially the soundtrack, and I’m of course talking about the Abyssos. I expected a lot from this raid tier, but never have I ever imagined I’d be sucked into a supernatural family drama worthy of the prime afternoon slot on a TV soap channel. Apart from some aspects of the story being uncomfortably relatable (except for the part where my parents are ancient creatures capable of protecting and destroying our very star), this was a treat for all senses. The dev team has obviously smelled a lot of gold in introducing irresistible eye candy within the story that we all secretly, or not so secretly, fantasize about, and I want nothing more than to see them continue doing so. The fights of Abyssos are basically a music album with a side activity where you get to fight cool bosses should you so choose, and even though the combat is fun, engaging and feels fresh, the music and the glam… err, I mean gear pieces, are what keeps me going back there every week to endlessly queue into the same fights until I get the armor piece I want – and I don’t even mind.

The new Trial, being a crucial part of MSQ on Normal mode, and one of the self-inducing painful activities on Extreme you can optionally throw yourself into, is a story of its own. Hectic, fast-paced and chaotic as it is, it will have you queuing without a clue of what you’re doing, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. Until you grow sick and tired of being hair-pulled and decide to watch a guide, which will leave you slightly more confused than before watching, until you accept just how hairy it gets and get good. Overall, I’m loving the experience, even though I still haven’t gotten that damn mount and the weapons don’t look nearly as impressive as the previous trials’ ones in my opinion – but to each their own, I suppose. 

Oh, but if you thought I was complaining about a trial I love but it chews on my soul and spits it up every time I queue for it, we are yet to get to that. Sephirot Unreal has been the bane of my existence, my obsession, and one of my favorite activities of this patch. After I’ve cleared it, of course, as I cursed it to bits and pieces while progging for days. Seeing as I haven’t done this fight on Extreme when it was current, I was desperately new to its intricate strategies, but after one missed weekly lockout and a few days of crippling anxiety, I can now comfortably say I… love this fight? And who knows, you might end up loving it too, as there’s a simple guide in the video description that I made for myself as I couldn’t find one like this anywhere else, so check it out!

PvP has been one of my regular activities since the introduction of Crystalline Conflict, and this patch isn’t failing to disappoint. Even though things are largely the same with some notable meta exceptions, I’m quite happy and comfortable queuing with Pally to try and get this season’s mount from the Series Level 25. I’m not quite there yet, but I did finish the GARO event, so you’ll be happy to know I’m going to stop wearing the Makai Reaper title in all my videos as I’m too lazy to change it, so back to Gambler it is!

Tataru’s Grand Endeavor is back, and honestly, I’m starting to get more and more interested in where this is gonna lead. I don’t know, maybe it’s the Sky Pirate and an absolute eye candy you wish you never had to say goodbye to back in Heavensward, or the fact that you can now have all your favorite characters hanging on your walls.. Or maybe a room full of Y’Shtolas or G’rahas, if you’re one of those. I might be. You’ll never know because I never hang out in my apartment on stream and you’re not welcome.

I’m apparently saving the best for last, as the Island Sanctuary is the absolute king and queen of the 6.2 features according to just about everyone and their mother. Whether it’s the soothing clicking of shinies to cure your anxiety, building an empire on the coast you’re so far away from in real life like myself, or the ability to name your sheep after all your exes, this singular piece of content is having me log into FFXIV just to be there, making me both play more and stream more, as I have a place to click my progging frustrations away in and actually decide to do something else other than logging out. Which was kind of the point of this place, so congratulations dev team, you’ve got me on the hook and I’m not getting off until I get that motorcycle – and by the time I do, I’ll most likely be too addicted to quit. But I can quit anytime. I can quit today if I want to. You know I can. Ahem.

Oh but that’s not the best feature of the patch now, is it? No, it’s the one and only reason why I’m no-life-ing 6.2 so much more than other patches, and that’s my glam dresser still being able to accept new pieces of gear. It won’t be too long until I have to decide which swords and shoes will get turned into company seals, but for now, I am quite happy to be visiting old content, hoarding, and even doing relics for the first time, as I’m kind of holding on to hope I’ll have somewhere to shove them, but we’ll see about that.

That’s all I’ve got to say when it comes to this patch. How have you been spending your time since the release? Is there something you’re particularly enjoying, dreading or hating? Let me know in the comments! If you’re more of a visual person, and you don’t mind getting easy wins in-game, you can check out all of this in my video – and subscribe for more awesome FFXIV stuff!

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