A Letter To All Who Know Me As Theoddone From TvZgames On Twitch

If you’re a “new” reader, meaning you’ve only recently stumbled upon my content, this post may seem strange, or even not in line with my current content. I feel different about it, though, since I haven’t moved away from either my previous content or personality. I’ve switched platforms and the way I express myself. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’ve streamed Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and a few other games on Twitch; up until a few months ago. I’m writing this post instead of something like a TwitLonger (since I already have a place of my own to express myself – this place:).

For those of you who DO know me, who have read some of my previous blogs, watched my streams, or played games with me, I owe you an apology before I even get into reasons for changing things the way I did.

A few months ago, I ghosted everyone. I’ve come to the point where we were struggling to make ends meet, I was streaming a few hours per day and my infant’s needs were increasing. My university degree was still work in progress (I passed my last exam a few days ago – yay!) and the channel, although it’s been a home to me, had to be put on hold in order to finish what I started a few years ago.

Now that I’ve relieved myself of that duty, I’m at a crossroads: do I come back to Twitch?

For now, I’m afraid the answer is still going to have to be no.

It feels like my work is done regarding other, real life circumstances, but it isn’t. I still have a baby to take care of, and unfortunately, streaming has made me feel like I’m missing out on so many of the firsts. I strongly believe this is the place for my content now – an “offline” place where I can express myself when I can, without comitting to an every-day-at-5-pm kind of thing.

Apart from the work that involves the baby, as well as finishing my Bachelor’s thesis, there is another big thing coming up in our lives: immigration.

I will probably be writing a lot more about this when the time comes, but this is the year when we will be applying for a visa for a different country (I will keep the location a mystery for now). Unfortunately, Serbia no longer has anything to offer to a young, educated couple with a baby. We deserve more than scraping and trying to get through the month. So, we’re leaving. And there’s a lot of stuff to be done, but I’m sure we’ll manage.

Am I still pursuing one of my biggest passions – gaming? Absolutely. I’ve come back to World of Warcraft (when time allows, of course) and I’m definitely planning on returning to Dota Underlords. Maybe some other games as well. Will I create content related to those games? Absolutely. So apart from “regular mom” content, you will find a Gaming section here as well. I have lots of plans for it, too.

Again, I’m sorry for not being around in the past few months and for not making my intentions clear. I’ve had a lot on my plate, but now that most of it is clear, I’m ready to communicate a lot more.

Oh, and you’ll notice that I have kept my old Instagram and Twitter accounts, but I changed the usernames. I did this, rather than creating new profiles, simply because there’s too many people who I would lose contact with if I just created a new profile and moved on. This way, we will still be in touch, but through a different username, and a different platform. If you’ve liked my content before, don’t worry – I’m still the same person with the same passion that I’ll be pursuing.

As you’re reading through this already, feel free to browse, catch up on what I’ve been up to, follow the blog (there are some lovely widgets in the sidebar) and what not.

See (read) you around!

Ivona, Theoddone, TvZgames – whatever you prefer!

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