Solid Food 101 Is Live & FREE!

Update: I just uploaded a full audiobook version on YouTube. If you’re more of a listening person, here’s a perfect link for you!

Have I got something special for you today!

After several long weeks of putting together this fantastic booklet, I can proudly announce that it’s finally live – and free to download!

Here’s what it’s about if you haven’t been updated yet:

Would you like to raise a child who eats healthy food with excitement, doesn’t throw tantrums at dinner, and knows the value of sharing a family meal?

You’re in the right place.

Solid Food 101 is the dream come true for parents all over the world that helps them establish core nutritional values in their child’s mindset. Packed with useful information about proper eating habits in pregnancy, as well as introducing solid food to infants, it’s a must-read for every mom and dad who wants their child to enjoy the healthiest meals possible – and understand their importance.

In this easy-to-digest (pun intended!) guide, you’ll learn how to:

  •  fulfill nutritional needs during pregnancy, while teaching your baby all about different tastes from as early as the first trimester
  •  make sure your breast milk (regardless of whether you’re breastfeeding or pumping) is of the highest quality and full of much needed ingredients for a young baby
  •  properly introduce solid foods to an infant, in order to make sure the trickiest foods (broccoli, spinach, and beans) are loved, instead of dreaded
  •  recognize the ingredients you shouldn’t be introducing to your child’s diet in the first year (or at all)
  •  save time and money by cooking homemade baby food, storing it in the freezer, and serving as thawed purée
  •  properly store premade formula bottles in the fridge
  •  create a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere during mealtime, without tantrums, bargaining, and punishment
  •  teach your child about the importance of shared family meals, social and eating habits at the table

Upon reading this book, you and your family will be fully equipped with knowledge needed to begin your journey of healthy eating. Mealtime will become an opportunity to bond and have meaningful conversation – no more picking up lunch and taking it to the bedroom!

If your child is new to solid eating, or isn’t quite there yet, Solid Food 101 will help you create the foundations of a 3-meal routine. There are plenty of ways to get an infant to accept and enjoy food, and none of them include things like bribe, punishment, and pressure. Turn your meals into a fun, engaging experience for all family members, and set a good example for the youngest by applying the principles of healthy eating to your own lifestyle!

Ivona Nikolic, the author of this insightful guide, writes plenty of parenting non-fiction content, including her other published books. In Solid Food 101, you’ll find the information about joining her Exclusive Reader’s Book, and get her other books for free.

Buy this book today and let its principles improve your family’s eating routine!

If you’re not an Amazon person, don’t worry – this book is not enrolled in KDP Select and you can get it elsewhere:

Barnes & Noble





I hope you’ll enjoy the read. (Even if you’re not sure you’re interested, do download it – every bought book helps other interested people find it!)

What are your first thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

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